Core Factors Of Health and Fitness- Insights

May 19

DTREYWe all want to be healthy and as parents, we want our children to be free from sickness and be somebody growing fit and strong. With so many things we need to juggle in our hands, sometimes, preparing them healthy foods becomes an inconvenience. We end up ordering take outs and these are not healthy.

Obesity becomes a threat knocking at our doorsteps. This is the most common cause of obesity but there are other reasons as well. They say it is hereditary but this is not such a  huge contributor. Genes normally affects a big amount of chemical related to weight that can process in a body. Genes majorly influence glucose metabolism, metabolic rate, hormones, far storage is just a few to name, all these.Vegemite_HealthyEating476x290

Studies regarding adopted children show that adopted children tend to develop problems of weight like their biological parents rather than adoptive parents. It also been said that those infants born to mother who are overweight tend to gain much weight by the third month and are more lethargic as compared to those children born to mothers of normal weight. If you want your child to grow up confidently healthy, make sure they are eating only healthy food and they exercise to avoid obesity issues in the end.