9 Fastest Electric Scooters: Based on 136 Hours of Tests & Hard Data

I spent 136 hours testing and reviewing the 9 best electric scooters from a field of 42 fast models.

There were a lot of models to choose from – so, to pick the best scooters, I paid special attention to the size and power of each scooter’s motors – including their voltage (V), watts (W), nominal and peak power – as well as their top speed and acceleration.

I also made sure to select the scooters that provided the best maneuverability, safety features, and overall design that ensures absolute control when riding at top speeds.

Fast Electric Scooters

I’ve ridden scooters that can reach blistering speeds of up to 62 mph, whilst also tested those that go just 15 mph, so I’ve had my fair share of experiences on scooters that stretch the speed spectrum.

With years of hands-on testing under my belt, alongside our rigorous review process, all of my recommendations come backed with hard data.

Fast (30-40 MPH):

Best For First Time Riders

Speed: 37 mph
Christmas Sale: $1,139.00 $2,199.00 – Use Code: ESI100
Apollo Ghost 2022
Apollo Ghost '22
Speed: 37 mph
Christmas Sale: $1,649.00 $1,899.00
Apollo Phantom
Apollo Phantom
Speed: 38 mph
Christmas Sale: $1,999.00 $2,399.00

Super Fast (40-50 MPH):

Best For Intermediate Riders

Mantis V2
Mantis V2 (18.2 Ah)
Speed: 40 mph
Christmas Sale: $1,529.00 $1,899.00 – Use Code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10
Mantis King GT
Mantis King GT
Speed: 43 mph
Christmas Sale: $2,145.00 $2,495.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER
NAMI Burn-e 2
NAMI Burn-e 2
Speed: 45 mph
Christmas Sale: $3,329.00 $3,699.00 – Use Code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10

Extremely Fast (50+ MPH):

Best For Advanced Riders

Wolf King GT
Wolf King GT
Speed: 62 mph
Christmas Sale: $3,145.00 $3,795.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER
Dualtron Thunder 2
Dualtron Thunder 2
Speed: 62 mph
NAMI Burn-e 2
NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX
Speed: 60 mph
Christmas Sale: $4,319.00 $4,999.00 – Use Code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10

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Best For Intermediate Riders

Best For Advanced Riders

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Fast Scooters (30-40 MPH)



Christmas Sale: Save $1,060 | Was: $2,199 | Now: $1,139 (Use code: ESI100)


Cheapest Fast Electric Scooter
Speed & Acceleration:
Motor Power:
Weight & Load:
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

SPLACH is a brand like no other. This relative newcomer specializes in making premium scooters, selling them at low prices, and shifting perceptions of what’s possible in the process.

Following in the footsteps of its celebrated forebearer, the Twin, the all-new SPLACH Titan builds on the blueprint laid down and injects it with steroids to deliver a significantly more powerful beast.

With large dual 1000W motors, lightning-quick acceleration, and a host of premium features in its armory – including a customizable lighting rig, NFC card reader to unlock the scooter, and terrain-agnostic tires – the Titan is a titanic steal at $1,139. It’s rewritten the definition of value for money – and left rival brands scrabbling for a response.

Josh on SPLACH Titan

Why We Recommend It:

So, let’s get right into the nitty-gritty of why you’re here: speed. The SPLACH Titan has lots of it. Propelled by dual 52V 1000W motors and powerful controllers, it produces a peak power output of 2600W allowing this firecracker to hit 37 mph in a flash.

SPLACH Titan Rear Motor

And I mean a flash. During my tests, I was able to accelerate from 0-15 mph in a sizzling 2.5 seconds and hit 25 mph in 4.9 seconds. Surprisingly, this acceleration rate leaves the much pricier Apollo Ghost eating dust. As a result, it delivers pound-for-pound power that’s deserving of its name.

SPLACH Titan Durable Chassis

The simple fact is that no other scooter within the SPLACH Titan’s price class gets anywhere near it when it comes to raw speed and power. It’s in a league of its own, with even the likes of the Mantis V2 – which is $760 more expensive – getting a run for its money.

SPLACH Titan Cockpit

But of course, to harness such ferocity, you need formidable stopping power. Well, fear not, because the SPLACH Titan wields front and rear disc brakes that will bring you to a complete halt from 15 mph in just 2.4 meters. This kind of performance is usually confined to semi or full hydraulics, so the performance of the standard discs should be applauded.

SPLACH Titan Disc Brake

And if you want that extra layer of security, you’ll likely find it among the 12 speed settings that let you control your pace with consummate ease by switching between a mix of three gears, as well as eco/turbo and single/dual motor modes.

SPLACH Titan Motor Controls

You’ll also want to retain that all-important sense of stability when racing down the street at the speed of a greyhound. Again, the Titan delivers. Billed as the SUV of the electric scooter world, it bears all the hallmarks of a model built with safety, control, and maneuverability in mind.

SPLACH Titan Yellow LEDs

At 27 inches, the handlebars are among the widest I’ve ever tested; this detail is crucial when it comes to balance and steering control. They’re tall, too, which means you won’t find yourself in an unnatural hunched-over position – even if you’re over six feet. A special mention must also go to the flared handgrips, which are an exhibition of ergonomic design.

SPLACH Titan Handgrip

Elsewhere, the frame is streamlined yet durable (hello, IP54 water-resistance rating), while the stem has been reinforced to eliminate any potential wobbles at high speed. Weighing in at 64 lbs, it’s also light enough to qualify as a portable performance scooter (they typically weigh 60-80 lbs), while sturdy enough to support up to 220 lbs of weight.

SPLACH Titan Folded Frame

My only gripe from a build and design standpoint is with the deck. Though sufficiently grippy, it’s on the short side at 19.5 inches long. It does, however, have 6.2 inches of ground clearance, which makes a big difference to ride quality. And, after all, the reinforced kickplate extends the space available for your feet. Nevertheless, the Titan manages to deliver a level of ride quality that’s often associated with much pricier scooters.

SPLACH Titan Deck

A big contributor to the ride quality is its tires. I tested the 9-inch variants and their tread and profile are something I’d never seen before. Not only are they extremely thick at 3 inches, but knobbly, too. Meanwhile, the front-on profile sits somewhere between rounded and square, which boosts their traction and ability to absorb shocks. Working in tandem with the extremely well-calibrated front and rear springs, they make this scooter a certified dream to ride over varying terrain.

SPLACH Titan Off-Road Tire

If you think that the 9-inch tires are a little too diminutive for you, you can purchase the SPLACH Titan with 10-inch tires instead. These sport a different tread and profile, but are well-equipped for different types of terrain. In fact, if you want to take corners at speed, I recommend the 10-inch tires over the 9-inch ones since they hold their grip better.

SPLACH Titan Geometric Chassis

You may be thinking that all of this goes way beyond what you’d expect from a scooter that costs just $1,139 – and you’d be right. Yet, amazingly, there’s more.

The 52V 20.8Ah battery delivers a maximum range of 44 miles (or 29 miles while riding it in its fastest setting – according to my tests), which makes a mockery of every other scooter within its price class.

SPLACH Titan Frame

As for hills, well this is one model that makes molehills out of mountains. If you plan to ride in an undulating environment, the Titan will be your best friend.

Did I mention that it also comes equipped with one of the best lighting rigs in the business? On top of the blinding miniature star that masquerades as its headlight, you get some pretty pimpin’ stem and deck LEDs that make you look like a moving carnival. These can be controlled via a mobile app where you can adjust their color, brightness, patterns, and even make them dance to songs or your voice.

SPLACH Titan Mobile App For Lights

Everything about the Titan is premium – except its price. SPLACH deserves our heartiest praise for prioritizing value over profit; in the process, it’s sent shockwaves through the industry with a model that leaves illustrious rivals looking a little sheepish.

SPLACH Titan Lights

Further Information:

SPLACH Titan Review


Apollo Ghost 2022

Christmas Sale: Save $250 | Was: $1,899 | Now: $1,649

BOGO DEAL: Apollo Ghost + FREE Apollo Air 2021 for $1,949 (Was: $2,548) – Save $599

Apollo Ghost 2022
Mid-Range Fast Electric Scooter
Speed & Acceleration:
Motor Power:
Weight & Load:
The Good:
The Bad:

The people spoke; Apollo listened. Having asked for feedback on the Ghost 2021, the brand set to work on addressing all the imperfections to produce an upgraded version that is altogether more powerful and more robust than its predecessor.

We’re talking 52V 1000W motors in place of the original’s 800W offerings; a 37 mph top speed that betters the 2021’s 34 mph; and a stem that is 50% stronger, exorcising any wobble at higher speeds.

Josh on Apollo Ghost 2022

Unconcerned by superfluous frills and tassels, the Apollo Ghost 2022 feeds off the chills that run for cover when its full fury is unleashed. Melding frightening power with enigmatic grace, this brooding beast is arguably the best entry-level performance scooter.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Swingarm Suspension

Why We Recommend It:

Make no bones about it: the Ghost 2022 leaves hearts thumping. ‘Entry-level’ it may be, but this is a performance scooter with more than enough scares in its repertoire to rattle your chains.

Wielding its dual 52V 1000W motors with all the attitude of a demonic Rottweiler, the Ghost can zoom from zero to 15 mph in 2.5 seconds and to 25 mph in 5.3 seconds – interestingly, this trumps the performance of its pricier cousin, the Apollo Phantom.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Powerful Rear Motor

And though the difference isn’t huge, the Ghost 2022’s improved top speed of 37 mph certainly feels more snarling than what we found on the 2021 model (34 mph). There may be alternatives within its price and weight categories that can match the Ghost for pace, but the fact this is an Apollo build tips the scales in its favor when it comes to which scooter makes this list.

One of the advantages in its favor are the controllers, which deliver a smooth, controlled progression when bursting through the riding modes. Predictably, they play an important role in its supernatural hill-climbing capabilities since they maintain a zippy speed throughout.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Cockpit

Then we have the stem, which is 50% stronger than the one found on the Ghost 2021. This makes a massive difference to the scooter’s stability at high speeds, eradicating any chance of wobble while enhancing that all-important sense of control when putting the pedal to the metal.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Cable Management

Control is, in fact, a buzzword when it comes to describing the Ghost. We stated in the summary that this is a model unconcerned with frills and tassels; this is because the design has been guided by a focus on ergonomics and maneuverability, instead.

Along with the strengthened stem, the handlebars sport handgrips which, in our view, are the best of any scooter. They flare out at the ends to endow you with an added feeling of security, while the rubber molds tightly around your palms to eliminate any anxiety about your hands slipping off. It may sound like a small detail, but it makes a huge difference – this is one element of its design that elevates the Ghost 2022 above its competitors.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Handgrip

Another reason for our unabashed love is the Ghost’s accessibility. It delights all riders. The handlebars are high enough for those over 6 feet to avoid having to crouch, while short enough to ensure everyone else can ride in comfort.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Frame

And, with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 300 lbs, it is one of the best scooters in its price and weight category for heavier riders. The deck, spacious and (just about) grippy enough, serves an important purpose in this regard, while the addition of a kickplate allows you to lean into the ride for greater control and maneuverability. Our one tip: buy some extra grip tape to give your feet more to latch on to.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Large Deck

Performance scooters aren’t typically associated with portability, but with foldable handlebars and a far superior folding mechanism now in operation, you can have the Ghost compacted down and stored away in mere seconds. This is a real feather in its cap when it comes to deciding between speedy models.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Frame Folded

It almost goes without saying that the Ghost 2022 is a dream to ride – this is Apollo, let’s not forget. The front and rear dual-spring suspension works for all riders; however, if you do feel it needs a little adjustment to fit your preferences then this can be easily done.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Rear Wheel

A trusty sidekick emerges from the shadows in the form of the plush 10-inch pneumatic tires, which are supported by 50% thicker rims to cater for the extra motor power. Their rounded front-on profile also makes a significant contribution to the scooter’s handling, especially when leaning into corners at speed.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Push Tire

With so much power at your fingertips, you’ll be relieved to know that the brakes are sharp and responsive. The scooter can be bought with either regular or hydraulic brakes; if you have an extra $150 floating about then I recommend the latter, but the regular variant still does a decent job at ensuring you stay in control.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Brake Lever

Coming equipped with a 52V 18.2Ah battery that holds 947 Watt-hours of energy, you can feasibly enjoy the thrill of riding the Ghost at high speeds for up to 25 miles. If you’re going easier on the finger throttle then you can expect an even higher range of 39 miles. Importantly, the Ghost also comes complete with a Smart Power Management system that prolongs the life of the battery and enhances its efficiency.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Charging Port

There’s a lot to love about the Apollo Ghost 2022. From its vicious power and robust build; to its sumptuous ride quality and excellent handling; this is a portable performance scooter designed from top to bottom with thrills at its heart.

Apollo Ghost With Lights on From Above


Apollo Phantom 52V

Christmas Sale: Save $400 | Was: $2,399 | Now: $1,999

BOGO DEAL: Apollo Phantom + FREE Apollo Air 2021 for $2,199 (Was: $3,098) – Save $899

BOGO DEAL: Apollo Phantom + FREE INOKIM Light 2 for $2,299 (Was: $3,298) – Save $999 with code: GIFTLIGHT

Apollo Phantom
Premium Fast Electric Scooter
Speed & Acceleration:
Motor Power:
Weight & Load:
The Good:
The Bad:

The Apollo Phantom is a certified thoroughbred of the performance scooter stable. It’s the summation of everything riders have asked for in their feedback on previous models, a statement of intent from a brand that seeks perfection.

Herculean power? Check? Breakneck acceleration? Sorted. Proprietary design you won’t find anywhere else? Gotcha. Hydraulic brakes that would stop a bus? Let’s do this. The Phantom brings it all to the table for a main course of white-knuckle aggression with a side helping of ice-cold control.

It’s worth every dime.

Apollo Phantom Frame

Why We Recommend It:

Where else to begin but with the Phantom’s dual 52V 1200W motors? Together they produce a peak output of 3200W, which amounts to a vicious top speed of 38 mph.

But more impressive still is the Apollo Phantom’s acceleration rate. It can hit 15 mph from zero in a cheek-slapping 2.5 seconds – about as long as a Formula One pit stop – while only taking 5.6 seconds to reach 25 mph.

Apollo Phantom 1200W Motor

Sounds a little petrifying? Well, you always have the option of modulating the Phantom’s accelerative strength through the scooter’s proprietary HEX display, which also lets you tinker with over twenty p-settings to customize the ride around your experience level and preferences.

Close up of Apollo Phantom HEX Display

Yet, there’s no hiding from this spook: it’s a bonafide racehorse. Thankfully, its design is precision engineered to channel its power into something insanely enjoyable. The handlebars are an expansive 27-inches wide to maximize balance and control, while the rubber-coated hand grips are a textbook example of ergonomic excellence. Even the thumb throttle is meticulously designed to glean optimal usability.

Apollo Phantom Handlebars

Complete with a grippy deck that gives the Wolf King GT a run for its money, we’re confident in our assertion that its size is suitable even for riders nudging the limits of the Phantom’s 300 lbs load capacity.

Apollo Phantom Logo on the Deck

The frame – a product of three rounds of testing – is nigh-on faultless. Made of aviation-grade aluminum, it delivers a toughness that doesn’t falter at high speeds. The stem, too, is double-reinforced, eliminating any chance of high-octane wobbles while improving your handling. All the components have been made specifically for this scooter, meaning they fit together with perfection and performance in mind.

Apollo Phantom Stem

And then we come to the NUTT hydraulic brakes that bring you to a complete stop from 15 mph in an outstanding 3.0 meters. It’s worth noting here that the Phantom can also be purchased with regular disc brakes for $150 less. We’d recommend the extra outlay, however, as the reassurance they bring is worth its weight in gold.

Apollo Phantom Rear Disc Brake

One of the Phantom’s crowning glories is its 45-degree, downward-angled, quadruple spring suspension system. Quite simply, this is a next-level, groundbreaking piece of kit. The ride quality is smooth… magic carpet-esque… like gliding on clouds… however you choose to describe the feeling, it won’t quite do it justice.

Apollo Phantom Dual Rear Springs

This exceptional feat of engineering is buttressed by a pair of wide, 10-inch pneumatic tires that are among the best I’ve ever tested. They have a slightly deeper texture and a terrain-agnostic tread pattern that enhances their traction on roads and sidewalks to improve maneuverability; though, they’re also robust enough to handle off-road terrain, including dirt tracks and forest trails.

Apollo Phantom Plush Tire

Keeping everything moving is the 52V 23.4Ah battery that uses high-quality Dynavolt cells for enhanced energy efficiency. Realistically, the battery will deliver a range of around 25 miles off a single charge when riding at fast speeds; take things slower, and you could stretch this to 40 miles. Using a fast charger cuts the standard recharging time of 12 hours down to around 6 hours.

A powerful scooter also requires a strong lighting set-up. Here, the Phantom excels. Its 1000-lumen headlight can illuminate a five-a-side football pitch, while the embedded deck lights further your visibility. It’s safe to say that even the spookiest alleyways will be cast in temporary daylight – and what’s more, the Phantom even comes with integrated rear turn signals that can be operated from the control pad on the left side of the handlebars.

Apollo Phantom Headlight Turned On

The Apollo Phantom looks and acts the part. It’s the full package, bringing style and substance under one roof with aplomb. You even have the option to improve its performance using Apollo’s Upgrade Kits. For instance, in the latest installment, a new controller boost’s the top speed to 40 mph and adds regenerative braking abilities.

Josh with the Apollo Phantom

Further Information:

Apollo Phantom Review

Super Fast Scooters (40-50 MPH)


Mantis V2 (18.2Ah)

Christmas Sale: Save $370 | Was: $1,899 | Now: $1,529 (Use code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10)
Mantis V2
Cheapest Super Fast Electric Scooter
Speed & Acceleration:
Motor Power:
Weight & Load:
The Good:
The Bad:

On the hunt for a performance scooter that will thrive on forest trails as well as inner-city routes? Crave an adrenaline rush that won’t leave your savings begging for help? The Mantis V2 is here to answer your prayers.

Mantis V2 Front Wheel and Suspension

Wielding dual 60V 1000W motors and 25A Sine Wave controllers, this elegant asphalt predator will leave you dumbstruck in the face of its refined power. Bringing all the prized trappings of a high-spec scooter into a price category that’s used to taking things slower, the Mantis is a challenge to its competitors that isn’t easy to meet.

Seriously. $1,899? Take our money.

Mantis V2 Rear Wheel and Fender

Why We Recommend It:

So, those motors. Capable of producing a peak power output of 3000W and a top speed of 40 mph, a means to an unhurried end, the Mantis V2 is not. It can accelerate from 0-15 mph in a searing 2.1 seconds and 0-25 mph in 4.7 seconds to leave even the steeliest of eyes as wide as saucers. This is life in the fast lane.

Mantis V2 Rear Motor

If you’re new to performance scooters, you may be sitting there wondering if this is a bit of a jump. Indeed, while it sits at the lower end of the cost scale, it’s reasonable to suggest that you might be better served to cut your teeth with something like the Apollo Ghost. That being said, the Mantis V2 is far from being a ride that you can’t tame. It has safety written all over it.

A dual-braking system comprising of hydraulics and regenerative brakes ensures sharp and responsive stopping power, even at fast speeds. Its wide handlebars and ergonomic handgrips (gone are the inferior foam grips that blighted earlier models) facilitate a level of control that will put nervous minds at ease. The roomy deck, too, is adorned in anti-slip rubber, while a spacious kickplate allows riders of up to 265 lbs to lean into the ride for optimal balance and stability.

Mantis V2 Handlebars

Kaboo – the company behind the Mantis stable – is celebrated for its build quality, and the V2 is another triumph. It is the definition of ‘robust’, with the aviation-grade aluminum alloy blend and sturdy folding mechanism eliminating any potential for the stem to throw a wobbly at top speed.

The sense of invincibility the Mantis V2 exudes remains undimmed with every challenge it faces. It’s an all-terrain juggernaut, perfect for blazing a trail within a range of up to 33 miles thanks to its 60V 18.2Ah battery. It's 10-12 hour charging time is a full 3 to 4-hour improvement on the original Mantis Pro. This can be cut by 50% if you purchase a 60V charger.

Mantis V2 Deck LEDs

Now, chances are you'll have to tackle some hills along the way. Here’s some good news for you: the Mantis V2 eats them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As for rough terrain such as dirt tracks and forest trails? Step aside: the front and rear spring suspension interlink with its juicy 10-inch pneumatic tires to absorb every shock and vibration. This is great news for your wrists and knees.

Mantis V2 Rear Spring

Tipping the scales at 65 lbs, it isn’t exactly made for commuting. It is, however, the lightest performance scooter in its class; you can lift it up a flight or two of stairs without triggering a hernia.

The handlebars feature a QS-S4 display that gives you easy access to all your vitals, including speed, battery life, and distance covered; you can also switch between three riding modes to moderate your speed and acceleration.

Right Side of Mantis V2 Handlebars

Elsewhere, a positively beaming headlight and turn signals constitute a real upgrade on the V1. What’s more, there’s mood deck lighting that demands Instagram’s attention. This commitment to style is classic Mantis, as exemplified by the simple matte black facade, which is tastefully accentuated by flecks of red on the tire treads and suspension springs.

Mantis V2 Cockpit With Headlight Turned On

The Mantis V2 strikes an admirable balance between style, performance, and price. As a gateway into super-fast electric scooters, it’s a real upgrade from the models that came before it in this list. I challenge you to find a model as fun and addictive as this graceful firecracker.

Mantis V2 Tire


Mantis King GT

Christmas Sale: Save $350 | Was: $2,495 | Now: $2,145 (Use code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
Mantis King GT
Mid-Range Super Fast Electric Scooter
Speed & Acceleration:
Motor Power:
Weight & Load:
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

The Kaabo Mantis range has received a lot of deserved fanfare. It’s essentially a conveyor belt for producing light-heavyweight champs; a line that, perhaps more than any other bridges the gap between high-power and reasonable prices. The Mantis King GT is the crystallization of this blueprint – on steroids.

Case in point: it's combination of dual 1100W motors and 30A Sine Wave controllers. The alchemy they conjure is savagely powerful. Everywhere you look, the King GT is an uncompromising union of ferocity and finesse.

Josh With Mantis King GT

Sure, it doesn’t come cheap. But for $2,495 you get a performance scooter that not only delivers best-in-class performance but will have your adrenaline glands dialed up to the max. At only $200 more than the great but comparatively limited Mantis V2 (24.5Ah version), the King GT represents real value for money for riders looking to take the next step in their journey across the wild side of electric scooters.

Mantis King GT Chassis

Why We Recommend It:

The Mantis King GT is the crystallization of everything great about Kaboo’s lauded range. The difference here is that everything has been turned up to eleven; and nowhere is this more apparent than with the dual 1100W motors and those Sine Wave controllers.

Mantis King GT 1100W Motor

While the likes of the Mantis V2 is snappy in its own right, the King GT swats it away with an acceleration rate of 0-15 mph in a whiplashing 1.9 seconds and 25 mph in 4.0 seconds flat. Propelled by the dual controllers – which have supplanted the 25A bad boys sported by the Mantis V2 – this accelerative power is bewilderingly smooth and controlled; you know you’re going like a rocket, but there’s none of the turbulence that can sully similarly explosive models.

Mantis King GT Handlebars

This power amounts to a cheek-flapping top speed of 43 mph: this is quite comfortably the fastest a Mantis scooter has ever gone. In fact, it’s one of the fastest performance scooters we’ve ever had the pleasure of testing.

Interestingly, the Mantis King GT is billed as a “luxury commuter scooter”, which we think is a bit of a misnomer considering the power this torpedo on wheels can muster. Yet, there’s no denying the luxurious nature of its ride quality.

Mantis King GT Rear Spring

Boasting a dual hydraulic suspension system that you can adjust to fit your weight and preferences, the sensation of riding the Mantis King GT is akin to rolling a bowling ball down a polished lane. It glides. This is amplified by the plush 10-inch pneumatic (not to mention hybrid) tires, which nuzzle into the terrain to deliver a cushioned and traction-ensured ride.

Mantis King GT Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension

One look at the Mantis King GT and you’ll be smitten. But its beauty is more than skin deep. With enlarged 26-inch handlebars, an inbuilt steering damper, and an expansive deck with enough grip to keep your feet firmly planted, it’s a dream to control – even at top speeds. This maneuverability is further bolstered by the reinforced kickplate that allows you to distribute your weight evenly for added stability.

Mantis King GT Kickplate

This sense of security is further embellished by the Zoom hydraulic brakes, which deliver the best stopping distance of any Mantis scooter at 2.1 meters from 15 mph.

Mantis King GT Brake Caliper

Tying everything together is the Samsung 60V 24Ah battery. With 21700 cells to call upon, it delivers high energy efficiency for a long period. This outstanding capacity amounts to a maximum range of 56 miles off one charge, or 38 miles if you’re pushing the motors to their limit.

Mantis King GT M16 Charge Port

Packing a weight of 74 lbs, it’s definitely at the lightweight end of the super-fast scooter scale. You won’t want to lug it up many flights of stairs, but it can be carried in short bursts. The folding mechanism is also simple to use, though it’s still quite a hefty unit when folded. So be warned: if it’s a portable model you’re after, the largest scooter in the Mantis range may not be for you.

Mantis King GT Folded Frame

For all of the GT’s hulking power and graceful elegance, one of its standout features is an anti-glare TFT display that delivers everything you’d want from a cockpit. As well as giving you easy access to all your key stats like speed, battery life, and mileage, you can configure a host of settings to enhance your riding experience.

Mantis King GT TFT Display

There’s also a neat button pad that allows you to access your lights, turn signals, and horn. Additionally, you can switch between modes like single/dual motor and eco/turbo to control your speed. Thankfully, you’ll also find that the thumb throttle is satisfyingly ergonomic, which makes a huge difference compared to other Mantis scooters that utilize finger throttles.

Mantis King GT Button Console

Such an impressive scooter will likely attract attention from the wrong sort at some point. Here’s where the password protection earns its spurs. Yep – to get this howitzer moving, you first have to enter the correct four digits. Just make sure you have some additional security layers – like a U-Lock – too, as this won’t stop somebody from lifting it into the back of a truck.

Dramatic Shot of Mantis King GT Frame

The Mantis King GT is a real statement of intent from Kaabo. It melds brawn with beauty to deliver a riding experience usually reserved for the ultra-performance category. You might think $2,495 is steep – but trust me: five minutes on this scooter and you’ll be laughing in your bank’s face.

Mantis King GT Lights

Further Information:

Mantis King GT Review


NAMI Burn-e 2

Christmas Sale: Save $370 | Was: $3,699 | Now: $3,329 (Use code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10)

BOGO DEAL: NAMI Burn-e 2 + FREE Mosquito for $3,699 (Was: $4,698) – Save $999 with code: GIFTMSQ

NAMI Burn-e 2
Premium Super Fast Electric Scooter
Speed & Acceleration:
Motor Power:
Weight & Load:
The Good:
The Bad:

The NAMI Burn-e 2 is the only electric scooter in our entire 140+ model database that has scored a perfect 10 out of 10 for overall performance. It’s practically flawless, encapsulating everything we love about the high-octane world of performance scooters.

It has a bigger sibling, of course: the NAMI Burn-e 2 Max (more on that later in this guide). But, the Burn-e 2 is essentially the same scooter with smaller motors, a smaller battery, and crucially, for many riders, a smaller price tag. Most importantly though, its 5,040W peak power output delivers a frighteningly fast acceleration rate that goes toe-to-toe with the kings of the ultra-performance world.

Make no mistake, this scooter represents a new generation of controlled speed and power; its dual 72V 1000W motors and 30A Sine Wave controllers will leave your jaw on the floor.

NAMI Burn-e 2 From Rear

Why We Recommend It:

Most performance scooters wield motors that are either 52V or 60V. The NAMI Burn-e 2 isn’t most scooters. Instead, it sports an industry first: dual 72V – yes, 72V – 1000W goliaths.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rear Motor

The difference this groundbreaking move makes to the Burn-e 2’s performance is most apparent in its acceleration rate. It can go from 0-15 mph in a staggering 1.8 seconds, while even the 3.2 seconds it takes to hit 25 mph is faster than many scooters’ rate to 15 mph. In just a second later you’ll be at 30 mph – you’ll also probably be in the midst of an out-of-body experience. Fear not, however, because those controllers kick in to make it the smoothest thrill ride of your life. They also reduce even the steepest hills to a non-event.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Frame

Psst! There’s also a secret turbo mode button that adds a thrust of power to the motors, allowing you to enjoy every watt of their 5,040W peak output. Though its top speed of 45 mph is 15 mph slower than the bigger, badder Burn-e 2 Max, it is a close match when comparing accelerative power up to 25 mph – it’s also around $1,500 cheaper.

Josh on the NAMI Burn-e 2

And while a select few competitors – when I say ‘few’, I essentially mean the Mantis King GT – can match the Burn-e 2 for raw speed, none come close to the astonishing ride quality on offer. The star of the show is undoubtedly the adjustable suspension system that has taken the laws of rebounding and compression and turned them into a sonnet. Buttery-smooth? No – this is molecular-level. This is spacetime-smooth.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rebound Dial

The suspension system dovetails beautifully with the best-in-class 11-inch PMT tires, which deliver exquisite grip and control. You will need to order these variations separately, but if this sounds like too much hassle, the standard nylon tires still excel in most metrics. They don’t, however, reach the same heights when it comes to maneuverability and control. For example, I was able to lean into corners at what felt like a 45-degree angle while using the PMT tires. The grip they maintained was unlike any other tire I’ve tested.

NAMI Burn-e 2 PMT Tire

Nevertheless, control is assured irrespective of the tires you use. That’s because the NAMI Burn-e 2’s build quality is second to none. It is the best I’ve tested. From 27-inch wide handlebars and the option to add a hydraulic steering damper; to the ergonomic controls, aviation-grade frame melded to menacing girders, and sprawling, grippy deck: the Burn-e 2 is a masterclass in stability and handling for riders of all sizes.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Steering Damper

Then we come to the all-important brakes. Wow. These would most definitely stop the music, Rihanna. Sporting LOGAN hydraulic disc brakes that are ably supported by regen brakes, the Burn-e 2 will grind to a complete halt from 15 mph in just 1.8 meters. Yep – you guessed it: they are the best I’ve ever tested. This is reassuring to know when you’re burning rubber.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rear Disc Brake

It would be silly of me not to wax lyrical about the formidable 72V 28Ah battery, too. Its astronomical capacity delivers a maximum range of 90 miles, and an exceptional 50 miles even when roaring those motors on full power. Expect a recharge time of 6-8 hours, which makes a mockery of the average 16-20 hours it takes other similarly sized units to fully re-juice. The charger comes with an inbuilt fan for temperature regulation, too.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Charging Ports Open

As you’d expect by this stage, the display completely knocks it out of the park. The range of customization options available through this interface is quite bewildering – you can practically personalize every nook and cranny to create riding modes that are unique to you.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Display

Capped off by an industry-leading lighting rig and not one, but two water-resistance ratings, it’s no exaggeration to say that the NAMI Burn-e 2 excels in every single area of its design.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Deck Lights

Further Information:

NAMI Burn-e 2 Review

Extremely Fast Scooters (50+ MPH)


Wolf King GT

Christmas Sale: Save $650 | Was: $3,795 | Now: $3,145 (Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
Wolf King GT
Cheapest Extremely Fast Electric Scooter
Speed & Acceleration:
Motor Power:
Weight & Load:
The Good:
The Bad:

When the Wolf King GT appears, we know we’re getting to the business end of our speed rankings.

Huge, hungry, and capable of a blistering 62 mph pace, this is one wolf you won’t want to meet on a dark night – though it is a hell of a lot of fun to ride.

The GT channels everything I loved about the original Wolf King – the gold frame, dual tubular stem, and piercing headlights – while improving it in key areas. Most notably, the upgraded motors (dual 2000W vs dual 1500W) deliver a punch of power that’ll leave you gasping for air. Off-road oriented, and with the durability, dependability, and dynamism we’ve come to expect from Kaabo, the Wolf King GT is the next phase in the electric scooter industry’s evolution.

Josh on the Wolf King GT

Why We Recommend It:

Describing the Wolf King GT in five words wouldn’t be easy – but if we had to, we’d go with ‘power, power, and… more power!’

Every bit of the GT’s design is geared toward delivering thrills and doling out bone-jangling, spine-tingling, hair-raising ride experiences. Its 62 mph top speed, for instance, is the same as two of the electric scooter space’s most nail-biting, notorious models – the Dualtron Storm and Dualtron Thunder 2.

Wolf King GT With Lights On During the Day

In fact, the Wolf King GT is so speedy that it places joint third in our database of 140+ scooters, bested only by the Dualtron X 2 (68 mph) and the whopping 74.5 mph capabilities of the Dualtron Storm Limited – which, at the time of writing, is the fastest scooter on the planet (albeit not the most refined or comfortable to ride).

Spearheading this serious speed are the colossal 2000W motors, which – in cahoots with the pair of 50Ah Sine Wave controllers – give it a peak output of 8400W, allowing the GT to hit 40 mph in just 5.8 seconds. Add to this the King GT’s Sherpa-esque climbing abilities – it can take on hills of up to a staggering 50 degrees – and you’re looking at a profoundly powerful machine.

Wolf King GT Rear Motor

To put the acceleration of this beast into perspective, let’s cast our eye to a popular entry-level performance scooter, the SPLACH Twin. If we were to line both of these scooters up on the race track, the Wolf King GT would hit 40 mph before the SPLACH even had the chance to hit 25 mph. The significant difference in acceleration and speed here paints a clear picture of why ultra-performance scooters hold high price tags.

Wolf King GT Handlebars

Of course, speed is important – but the GT wouldn’t have made it as one of my top picks unless it had a few other tricks up its sleeve. And, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, the Wolf King GT can change from an off-road scooter to an urban-oriented one, and back again.

Here, we’re talking about its interchangeable tires. At the checkout, you’ll have the option of ordering either street or off-road tires. Whichever style you choose, both measure 11 inches in diameter and are tubeless – meaning that they provide an extra layer of shock absorption.

Wolf King GT Front Tire and Fork Suspension

Now that we’ve broached the topic, let’s talk about the thing that solidifies the GT’s status in the upper echelons of ultra-performance electric scooter stardom – its dual Sine Wave controllers.

Compared to the Square Wave controllers found in the original Wolf King, the key difference lies in how they pull power. A simple analogy for the difference between these controller types is to think of a bowling ball being pushed down a lane. Sine Wave controllers use a smooth constant push the entire way, whereas Square Wave ones simulate the same forces but use constant jabbing/nudging instead of a continuous push.

Wolf King GT Thumb Throttle

The superior Sine Wave controllers, therefore, deliver a smoother ride since torque can be controlled more effectively, as well as a quieter ride and reduced heat generation.

Adding to its smooth throttle response, the King GT sports inverted hydraulic front shock absorbers that you’re more likely to see on a motorcycle than a scooter. At the rear, spring suspension helps insulate your joints from the lion’s share of judders and jolts that difficult terrain can throw at you, while 8 inches of deck clearance frees you to comfortably take on ambitious obstacles and jumps.

Wolf King GT Front Wheel and Disc Brake

With speeds rocketing as high as what can be achieved by a car, you’ll need good brakes – preferably, a pair of hydraulics. Luckily, this is exactly what the GT comes kitted out with, and they are some of the best in their class. A word of warning, though, you need to use them with caution and shift your weight to the rear of the scooter when braking to maintain stability. Helpfully, an effective ABS (anti-locking braking system) is included to aid you in coming to a safe stop.

Wolf King GT Front Hydraulic Disc Brake

As you’ve probably already gleaned, build quality isn’t an issue with the GT. Kaabo-made, and with the seal of approval of the electric scooter industry’s most zealous riders, the GT is as close to a safe bet as they get. The aluminum alloy of its frame comes fortified, while the centered 4.2-inch TFT display – upgraded from the original King’s EY3 throttle – gives you unfettered scope for customization.

Wolf King GT Bright and Clever Display

The superior construction also makes it a match for pretty much all conditions. An IPX5 water-resistant rating protects it from the ravages of rain and wet surfaces, while its lighting setup makes it well-suited for night-time sojourns.

Wolf King GT Powerful Lights at Night

Front and rear turn signals accompany the signature dual headlights, while the under-deck lighting wouldn't go a miss in a Nicki Minaj video.

Wolf King GT Turn Signals at Night

Recent improvements to the cockpit have also made it much easier to get to grips with. I particularly love the ergonomic thumb throttle and the brand-new button console. The handlebars are both taller and wider than those on the GT’s predecessor, too.

Wolf King GT Scooter Controls

So, we’ve established that the GT is seriously fast but how long will you be able to take advantage of its rip-roaring speed? Well, courtesy of its super-sized 72V 35Ah Samsung/LG battery, it has a maximum range of 70 miles (when riding in a slow setting). This equates to 40% (20 miles) more range than the original Wolf King and ensures that you can ride for 55 miles with the speed settings turned up to the max.

Dramatic Shot of the Wolf King GT Frame


Dualtron Thunder 2

Now: $4,299
Dualtron Thunder 2
Mid-Range Extremely Fast Electric Scooter
Speed & Acceleration:
Motor Power:
Weight & Load:
The Good:
The Bad:

The winds are gathering pace now and storm clouds roll above… is that a rumble we hear? It can only be the Dualtron Thunder 2.

You have to hand it to Dualtron – it’s on the money when it comes to naming scooters. The original Thunder was widely accepted as the standard-bearer for extreme performance. So, what has the brand gone and done? Doubled its peak power output to 10,080W, ramped the top speed up to 62 mph, and stuck a much larger battery on for good measure. The Thunder 2 is truly, crushingly thunderous – and it only costs $600 more.

Quite honestly, it delivers more power than anyone could need – but that’s what makes it such a remarkable scooter. The Thunder 2 is purpose-made for experienced adrenaline junkies who want to push their courage to its limit.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Durable Frame

Why We Recommend It:

Imagine a tank that’s had jet engines attached to it. This pretty much sums the Dualtron Thunder 2 up.

It comes with a basic peak power output of 8,400W which is stupendous in itself. But there’s more. By pulling on the finger throttle twice in quick succession, you unleash an extra 1,680W jolt to take this missile up to a staggering 10,080W – that’s 1,780W more peak power than the legendary – or infamous – Dualtron X2 can muster, which also costs over $2,000 more.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Hub Motor

All of this unbridled savagery amounts to a top speed of 62 mph – in case you needed a little dose of reality, that’s about a third faster than a gazelle and four-fifths as fast as a hurricane.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Frame

And it doesn’t mess around with building up to that speed, either. The Dualtron Thunder 2 can go from 0-15 mph in 2.0 seconds and 0-25 mph in 3.5 seconds. This is marginally slower than both the Wolf King GT and NAMI Burn-e 2 Max, which both have 50A Sine Wave controllers. We’re pretty sure Dualtron isn’t losing too much sleep, mind you, as the difference is negligible in practice.

Dualtron Thunder 2 EY3 Display and Throttle

So, we’ve established that the Thunder 2 is a verifiable lightning bolt on wheels, but what about its handling and control? Well, at 24-inches, its handlebars are wide – but there are wider. That alone doesn’t hinder your ability to keep a rein on this monster, but we do wish the handlebars were higher. They are a little too short for tall riders over 6 feet which makes controlling the Thunder 2 at top speeds a little unnerving.

Josh on Dualtron Thunder 2

Another problem is evident with the unlimited turning motion of the front wheel. This is asking for trouble when going at high speeds, and I did find that it undermines the confidence you have in it.

That said, the handlebars do have a smorgasbord of great features and accessories, including a nicely placed multi-switch which, among other things, includes an eco/turbo mode function that will let you control your speed. This may prove vital. You can also switch between riding modes via the EY3 display, which is sufficiently bright.

Close Up of Dualtron Thunder 2 Multi-Switch

Elsewhere, the frame is a certified beast, while the deck is among the biggest we’ve ever seen. This will help you feel stable and balanced when pushing the Thunder 2 to its max – it also comes with a humongous footrest for added space.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Deck

A bit of a mixed bag, then, in terms of design, but perhaps the Thunder 2 fares better when we look at ride quality? It sure does… but with a couple of caveats.

First, the rubber cartridge suspension system that most Dualtron models use is great if you’re putting the pedal to the metal on smooth urban roads, but it’s best to err away from unkempt environments since things can get a little bumpy. Secondly, how the suspension performs will depend on your weight. It’s great if you’re a heavier rider, but will feel stiff if you’re lighter.

Back of Dualtron Thunder 2 Front Tire and Swingarm

The tires, on the other hand, are a real triumph. They’re huge, and crucially, one of the first self-healing variants that I’ve tested. I also love the square front-on profile; this grants you a considerable contact patch, which is great for traction while accelerating and braking. The drawback here is that the profile inhibits your ability to carve and be nimble, but to be honest, you might just want to stick to as straight a line as possible when ripping the throttle.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Rear Tire

One of the most important features of all is the Thunder 2’s brakes. The good news is that the NUTT hydraulics are outstanding, delivering a stopping distance of 3.0 meters from 15 mph.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Disc Brake

And I can’t end this review without remarking on what is the biggest battery I’ve ever tested. The 72V 40Ah unit stores an outrageous 2880Wh of energy. Let’s be real, however: nobody needs such a ginormous mileage. Under realistic conditions, you can expect 60 miles.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Charging Ports

Indeed, in many ways, the Dualtron Thunder 2 feels like a vanity project. Yes, it has remarkable speed, power, and range, which will appeal to a small slither of extreme riders, as well as Dualtron enthusiasts. But it’s also lacking in many areas when it comes to design and ride quality. For that reason, the Wolf King GT and NAMI Burn-e 2 Max both top it.

Dualtron Thunder 2 With Lights On


NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX

Christmas Sale: Save $680 | Was: $4,999 | Now: $4,319 (Use code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10)

BOGO DEAL: NAMI Burn-e 2 Max + FREE Mosquito for $4,799 (Was: $5,998) – Save $1,199 with code: GIFTMSQ

NAMI Burn-e 2
Premium Extremely Fast Electric Scooter
Speed & Acceleration:
Motor Power:
Weight & Load:
The Good:
The Bad:

You may have read our review of the NAMI Burn-e 2 earlier on in this guide. Well, the Max is its big scary brother – and my goodness, does it have an attitude.

Quite simply, the Burn-e 2 Max is the most explosive scooter. Its acceleration rate is unrivaled. Its top speed is utterly blistering. And if that wasn’t enough to leave your adrenal glands tingling, it’s also nigh-on peerless when considering ride quality.

Sure, the Burn-e 2 matches it in pretty much every area except motor and battery performance – it’s also considerably cheaper. But, if it’s true ultra-performance you’re looking for, then the Max positions itself as the perfect model, especially if you want to push the limits of what electric scooters are capable of.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Chassis

Why We Recommend It:

Dual 72V 1500W motors that suck the air out of your lungs; a peak power output of 8400W that will leave you trembling in the midst of an adrenaline high; 50Ah Sine Wave controllers that siphon energy from the humongous battery with dizzying efficiency to deliver rapid acceleration: from whichever angle you look at it from, the Burn-e 2 Max is an exceptional display of power and design.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Tubular Frame

Let’s consider the stats. This rocket can hit 15 mph from a standstill in an unbelievable 1.7 seconds; it’ll go from 0-25 mph in 3.0 seconds – faster than most scooters take to reach 15 mph; and you’ll be at 40 mph in a preposterous 5.7 seconds. The Max simply does not let up. It will reach its top speed of 60 mph before you’ve even realized it. Though you won’t feel much of a difference in acceleration between it and the Burn-e 2 at first, that all changes when you go beyond 25 mph.

There’s no other scooter that can match it. None. The Burn-e 2 Max has rewritten the rule book on ultra-performance; it’s the GT-R of the scooter world, a model that has competitors scratching their heads in dismay.

Josh With the NAMI Burn-e 2

And it’s not just speed and power where it excels. The Max’s build quality is stunning; its 4-piston LOGAN hydraulic brakes are bona fide game-changers, delivering a stopping distance of 1.8 meters from 15 mph.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Front Disc Brake

The ride quality, too, is top of the charts. The same adjustable hydraulic coil-over-shocks and swingarms that floored us on the Burn-e 2 are in play again here, delivering a ride that’s akin to a hot knife cutting through butter. It’s truly exceptional.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rebound Adjustment

Likewise, the tires are once again perfect, though as with the Burn-e 2, you’ll want to get your hands on the PMTs. These provide much better traction and maneuverability than the standard nylon variants.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rear Tire

Apart from the larger motors, controllers, and brake pistons, the only other real difference between the Max and Burn-e 2 is the superior battery. Instead of packing a 72V 28Ah unit, the Max wields a mammoth 72V 40Ah version, translating into a maximum range of 115 miles. Most riders won’t require such a mileage, but it does mean you won’t have to spend 8 – 10 hours recharging it as often (an exceptional recharging time for such a big unit, by the way).

NAMI Burn-e 2 Charging Ports

You might want to customize your ride to fit your preferences, of course, and again, there’s no better scooter for that than the Burn-e 2 Max. Its next-gen display grants you access to five riding modes – two of which are blank canvases for you to fill by tailoring every conceivable detail. You can even tailor the amount of power that’s funneled to the front and rear motors independently of each other. For instance, if you live in a hilly area, you may want to siphon more power to the front motor to pull you up inclines, as opposed to pushing you up by using more at the rear.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Handlebars

And this being a NAMI scooter, the lighting rig is fantastic. A bright 2000-lumen headlight cavorts with a deck LED strip, bright rear light, and turn signals to create a light show Pink Floyd would appreciate.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Light Package

You even have an IP55 water-resistance rating as part of the package, and an IP67 rating for the more delicate parts; this adds an extra layer of durability to what is already a near-indestructible machine.

And yet, truth be told, we do struggle to recommend the Max over the Burn-e 2. Sure, the former is more powerful, but the acceleration is virtually the same up to 25 mph, and elsewhere they are pretty much identical. The Max is also vastly more expensive.

Ultimately, it will come down to just how fast you want to go.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Folded From Rear

Further Information:

NAMI Burn-e 2 Review

Fastest Electric Scooters by Performance

Top Picks by Speed

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPriceTop Speed
Wolf King GT$3,59562 MPH
Dualtron Thunder 2$4,29962 MPH
NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX$4,69060 MPH
NAMI Burn-e 2$3,39945 MPH
Mantis King GT$2,49543 MPH
Mantis V2$1,89940 MPH
Apollo Phantom$2,09938 MPH
Apollo Ghost$1,69937 MPH
SPLACH Titan$1,13937 MPH


Top Picks by Acceleration to 15 MPH

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPrice0-15 MPH (Seconds)
NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX$4,6901.7 s
Wolf King GT$3,5951.7 s
NAMI Burn-e 2$3,3991.8 s
Mantis King GT$2,4951.9 s
Dualtron Thunder 2$4,2992.0 s
Mantis V2$1,8992.1 s
Apollo Ghost$1,6992.5 s
Apollo Phantom$2,0992.5 s
SPLACH Titan$1,1392.5 s


Top Picks by Acceleration to 25 MPH

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPrice0-25 MPH (Seconds)
NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX$4,6903.0 s
Wolf King GT$3,5953.0 s
NAMI Burn-e 2$3,3993.2 s
Dualtron Thunder 2$4,2993.5 s
Mantis King GT$2,4954.0 s
Mantis V2$1,8994.7 s
SPLACH Titan$1,1394.9 s
Apollo Ghost$1,6995.3 s
Apollo Phantom$2,0995.6 s


Top Picks By Maximum Range (Riding at Slowest Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPrice0-25 MPH (Seconds)
NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX$4,690115 miles
Dualtron Thunder 2$4,299106 miles
NAMI Burn-e 2$3,39990 miles
Wolf King GT$3,59570 miles
Mantis King GT$2,49556 miles
SPLACH Titan$1,13944 miles
Apollo Phantom$2,09940 miles
Apollo Ghost$1,69939 miles
Mantis V2$1,89933 miles


Top Picks By Real-World Range (Riding at Fastest Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPrice0-25 MPH (Seconds)
NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX$4,69064 miles
Dualtron Thunder 2$4,29960 miles
Wolf King GT$3,59555 miles
NAMI Burn-e 2$3,39950 miles
Mantis King GT$2,49538 miles
SPLACH Titan$1,13929 miles
Mantis V2$1,89928 miles
Apollo Phantom$2,09925 miles
Apollo Ghost$1,69925 miles


Top Picks By Braking Performance

Ordered from shortest to longest stopping distance.

ScooterPrice0-25 MPH (Seconds)
NAMI Burn-e 2$3,3991.8 meters
NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX$4,6901.8 meters
SPLACH Titan$1,1392.4 meters
Mantis V2$1,8992.7 meters
Mantis King GT$2,4952.9 meters
Apollo Phantom$2,0993.0 meters
Wolf King GT$3,5953.0 meters
Dualtron Thunder 2$4,2993.0 meters
Apollo Ghost$1,6993.4 meters


Top 20 Fastest Electric Scooters

This list is based on our independent database of 140+ models and is illustrative. While there are a vast range of fast electric scooters, I only recommend the ones presented in the main list at the top of this page.

ScooterPriceTop Speed
Dualtron Storm Limited$5,39975 MPH
Dualtron X 2$6,49068 MPH
Wolf King GT$3,59562 MPH
Dualtron Thunder 2$4,29962 MPH
Dualtron Storm$4,49062 MPH
Dualtron Ultra 2$3,99062 MPH
NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX$4,69060 MPH
Dualtron Thunder$3,49950 MPH
VSETT 10+R$2,79050 MPH
Wolf Warrior GT$3,29950 MPH
Wolf Warrior$2,99950 MPH
NAMI Burn-e 2$3,39945 MPH
Mantis King GT$2,49543 MPH
Wolf Warrior X GT$2,29543 MPH
Wolf Warrior X$1,99943 MPH
Apollo Phantom 60V$2,39943 MPH
Mantis V2$1,89940 MPH
INOKIM OxO$2,59940 MPH
Apollo Phantom 52V$2,09938 MPH
Apollo Ghost 2022$1,69937 MPH

Fastest Electric Scooters by Type


Further Information:

Cheap Electric Scooters

Heavy Adults:

Longest Range:

  • Fast Model: SPLACH Titan – 44 miles (29 miles in fastest setting)
  • Super Fast Model: NAMI Burn-e 2 – 90 miles (50 miles in fastest setting)
  • Extremely Fast Model: Dualtron Thunder 2 – 106 miles (60 miles in fastest setting)

Further Information:

Best Long Range Electric Scooters


Biggest Wheels:

Most Portable:


Further Information:

Commuting Electric Scooters

Hill Climbing:



Optional Seat Attachment:

  • Fast Model: None
  • Super Fast Model: None
  • Extremely Fast Model: Wolf King GT – Available for $145

Further Information:

Best Seated Scooters


What is the Fastest Electric Scooter?

The fastest electric scooter is the Dualtron Storm Limited. It has an eye-watering top speed of 75 mph and when it comes to torque and acceleration, it's more comparable to a motorcycle than an electric scooter.

However, it also has the price tag of a motorcycle, coming in at $5,399. It also doesn't offer the same level of ride quality as other top-performing fast electric scooters like the Wolf King GT (62 mph) and NAMI Burn-e 2 Max (60 mph).

What are the Best Fast Electric Scooters?

Based on 136 hours of testing and reviewing the top-performing models from a field of 42 fast electric scooters, the best models are:

  1. Wolf King GT ($3,595) – 62 mph
  2. Dualtron Thunder 2 ($4,299) – 62 mph
  3. NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX ($4,690) – 60 mph
  4. NAMI Burn-e 2 ($3,399) – 45 mph
  5. Mantis King GT ($2,495) – 43 mph
  6. Mantis V2 ($1,899) – 40 mph
  7. Apollo Phantom ($2,099) – 38 mph
  8. Apollo Ghost 2022 ($1,699) – 37 mph
  9. SPLACH Titan ($1,139) – 37 mph

How Fast Can Electric Scooters Go?

This depends entirely on the size of their motor, the weight of the rider, and the road conditions.

There are a variety of electric scooters to choose from – some can reach speeds of up to 30 mph, while others can exceed 60 mph.

The advertised top speed of a scooter is typically calculated based on a light rider (175 lbs), with ideal weather conditions and a flat route to get optimum results. It’s worth bearing this in mind when making your selection.

Are Fast Electric Scooters Safe?

Because some electric scooters are fast enough to match and even rival high-moving traffic, they’re designed with a host of safety features, including top-of-the-line hydraulic brakes and excellent suspension systems to keep you grounded.

However, you must wear full protective gear – including a helmet, jacket, trousers, gloves, and pads – when riding fast.

It’s also worth checking out the statutory electric scooter speed limits within your area as very often these change from state to state.

How Fast is 1000W in MPH?

This will be affected by the rider size and the road conditions, but a 1000W motor can achieve up to 30 mph in ideal conditions.

How Fast is 1500W in MPH?

Rider size and road conditions must be taken into consideration, but a 1500W motor can typically achieve between 34-36 mph.

How Fast is 2000W in MPH?

Rider size and road conditions will play a part in motor performance, but a 2000W motor can achieve between 38-40 mph. 

How Fast is 3000W in MPH?

Rider size and road conditions will play a part in motor performance, but a 3000W motor can achieve a top speed of around 50-55 mph. 

How Can I Make My Electric Scooter Faster?

Most scooters feature a variety of riding modes, so removing any speed limitations is essential. You can do this by selecting the fastest setting on your display or in a mobile app if your model comes with one. You can also adjust the torque and acceleration strength.

If your electric scooter is feeling sluggish, it could also be that your battery has worn down. Replacing it with a new one, although expensive, can give your acceleration rate a healthy boost.

Lastly, it’s worth bearing in mind that most scooters are given a top speed for a reason, and it’s primarily to do with safety (i.e. the temperature of the motors and controllers), so make sure to ride responsibly at all times.

What Factors Affect Speed?

Several factors can affect the speed of your electric scooter.

The heavier the load, the slower the electric scooter will go.

It sounds simple, but a lot of people forget that when you travel up an incline your speed will reduce. Vice versa, if you are going down a slope you’ll be able to reach the max speed easily.

If you are riding on tarmac/asphalt, you’re going to be able to travel much faster than if you are riding over a forest trail or rough off-road terrain.

Motor Power / Torque and Acceleration:
The more powerful the motor, the higher speeds you’ll be able to achieve.

In brief, a motor's power is determined by its voltage and wattage.

(V) Voltage – Affects acceleration.
High Voltage = Increased torque and acceleration.

(W) Watts – Affects the size of the motor and its maximum power output.
Higher Watts = Increased power and a higher top speed.

In general, the bigger the numbers, the better the performance.

Battery Power:
Similarly to motor power, the bigger the battery and the more charge it has, the more power it will be able to send to the motor.

Think of it like a battery-powered light. When the batteries are fresh, the light shines more brightly, but when they’re running low, the light is weaker. The same principle applies to your motors.


One of the most important aspects of scooter design is the controller. Controllers are the middlemen between the battery and motors. In brief, they pull power from the battery and funnel it to the motors. However, different controllers pull power in different ways.

There are two common types of controllers used in electric scooters – Sine Wave and Square Wave. A simple analogy for the difference between these is to think of a bowling ball being pushed down a lane. Sine Wave controllers use a smooth constant push the entire way, whereas Square Wave ones simulate the same forces but use constant jabbing/nudging instead of a continuous push.

How Much Do the Fastest Electric Scooters Cost?

Fast electric scooters cost between $999-$5,400.

Generally, the higher the cost, the faster the scooter. For example, you can expect to hit top speeds of 30 mph on the lower end of the price scale, compared to 60+ mph on the higher end.

Josh Frisby

Josh Frisby

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