Best Electric Scooters for Commuting: 9 Models Based on 136 Hours of Testing

After hand-selecting the best electric scooters for commuting from a field of 46 models and testing them for 136 hours, we’ve listed of our top 9 recommendations.

The scooters that we recommend are based on the key factors that affect commuter scooter performance. These included: motor and battery power, comfort, weight, portability, maneuverability, charge time, water-resistance ratings, durability, and safety.

Best Electric Scooter for Commuting


Our top picks of the cheapest commuter electric scooters. These are basic but reliable.

Under $500
Turboant M10
Turboant M10
Christmas Sale: $359.98 $449.98
Under $600
Turboant X7 Max
Turboant X7 Max
Christmas Sale: $499.98 $599.98
Under $700
GoTrax G4
GoTrax G4
Christmas Sale: $549.00 $649.00


Our top picks that sport more features and better ride quality than budget models.

Under $800
Horizon V2
Horizon 10.4 V2
Christmas Sale: $719.00 $899.00 – Use Code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10
Under $900
Orange EMOVE Touring
EMOVE Touring
Christmas Sale: $849.00 $899.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER
Under $1,000
Christmas Sale: $899.00 $1,099.00 – Use Code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10


Our top picks that have the highest-levels of performance and are primed for commuting.

Under $1,200
Apollo Air Pro 2022
Apollo Air 2022
Christmas Sale: $999.00 $1,199.00
Under $1,500
Emove Cruiser
EMOVE Cruiser
Christmas Sale: $1,349.00 $1,499.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER
Under $1,800
Apollo City 2022
Apollo City Pro
Christmas Sale: $1,599.00 $1,799.00

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Our top picks of the cheapest commuter electric scooters. These are basic but reliable.

Our top picks that sport more features and better ride quality than budget models.

Our top picks that have the highest-levels of performance and are primed for commuting.

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Budget Commuter Electric Scooters

Under $500:

Turboant M10

Christmas Sale: Save $90 | Was: $449.98 | Now: $359.98

 at Turboant

Turboant M10
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $500
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

Ask me to recommend a budget commuter scooter and the first word that pops into my head is ‘Turboant’. The second is ‘M10’. It is, after all, our best electric commuter scooter of the year, and the best scooter under $500 full stop.

Nippy and reliable, the Turboant M10 is proof that quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

With huge 10-inch tires supplying comfort and a robust, yet attractive frame delivering everyday durability, the M10 is perfectly primed for commuting. Add in its ultra-light frame, simple folding mechanism, and small profile, and it’s easy to fold, pick up, and carry.

Turboant M10 Rear Pneumatic Tire

It’s fair to say that the M10 is, in many ways, a marked improvement on its popular predecessor, the X7 Pro, which is no mean feat. It is the perfect scooter for commuters and newcomers who want their money – and time – to be put to better use.

Josh on Turboant M10

Why We Recommend It:

The M10 has redefined what it is to be a bargain scooter – much to the chagrin of competitors such as models from GoTrax, we’re sure. Before this superb budget scooter arrived at our HQ, we’d never seen a model with such spectacular features and specs available for such a wallet-friendly price.

Turboant M10 Frame

On the market for just $449.98, the M10 is a commuter’s dream – the kind when you wake up with a bounce in your step instead of dreading the hellish hour that’s to come. In that dream, you’re cruising along inner-city lanes and eating up the asphalt at a pace of 20 mph. Perhaps you’re even taking a scenic detour to make the most of the M10’s 18-mile maximum range. And when it’s time to wake, you glide to a stop and take advantage of the scooter’s quick, intuitive, hassle-free folding mechanism. All for that budget price? You’ll want to pinch yourself.

Turboant M10 Front Wheel

The Turboant M10 is, of course, a reality – although there’s a dream-like quality to the ride experience it offers.

Sure, it doesn’t come with any traditional form of suspension – it’s not fitted with springs, coils, or swingarms – but nor are any other scooters in its price bracket. Instead, the plump pneumatic tires, which are full of air rather than solid foam or rubber, soak up the shocks of most urban surfaces.

Turboant M10 Plush Tire

As a commuter, ride comfort will be high up on your wish list – and it’s a box that the M10 comfortably ticks. But safety will also be one of your top priorities: so how does the M10 stack up?

Thanks to a mechanical disc brake (located over the rear wheel to enable safer stopping), the M10 performs against the expectations of its modest price tag. Working in cahoots with an electronic braking system at the front, it boasts a braking distance of 4.9 meters from 15 mph. This aligns with the average of scooters in its class, but it’s still impressive for such an affordable scooter.

Turboant M10 Rear Disc Brake

Yet brakes are only one part of the safety equation; to feel truly comfortable on a commuter scooter, you need a strong lighting setup, too. Luckily, the M10 sports a headlight at the fore and a taillight embedded into the rear fender. The taillight flashes when you brake, so it’s well-suited to keeping up with the rigorous, fast-paced (and often short-tempered) demands of city traffic.

Turboant M10 Lights at Night

We rarely recommend riding in the rain. It’s not the safest, and, should you incur any damage to your scooter, it won’t be covered under warranty. As a commuter, however, sometimes you just need to get to work – rain or shine. If that’s the case, the M10 has you covered. It comes equipped with an IP54 water-resistance rating, meaning it’s protected from sprays of water from all angles. For such an affordable scooter, water-resistance credentials of this caliber are impressive – many of the electric scooter industry’s top models, including most of the Dualtron range, lack them. But for a perennial overachiever like the M10, it’s just par for the course.

Turboant M10 Chassis

Take the durability of its frame, for instance. Not only is the M10 forged from a hardened aluminum alloy, but – build quality-wise, at least – it represents an improvement over previous Turboant models, such as the X7 Pro. The M10’s battery is housed in the deck, rather than the stem (as the X7 Pro’s is), which makes it easier to pick up. Similarly, the M10 has a mechanism that easily locks the stem and deck together when folded – meaning it’s simpler to carry.

Turboant M10 Grippy Deck

But this durability doesn’t come at the cost of handling and control. On the contrary, the handlebars are wide, rubbery, and designed for steering ease, while the deck is spacious and grippy enough to ensure your feet always stay safely planted.

Turboant M10 Cockpit

And the best part? The M10 takes just 5 hours to charge, meaning you can have it juiced up and ready to ride in just over half a regular working day. During office hours, your plugged-in M10 will be the envy of the office. Then, as you ride home in the evening, it’ll be all yours to enjoy, as it zips you safely and stylishly down the street.

If you’re on a shoestring budget and aren’t willing to compromise on performance (or aesthetics), you won’t find anything better than the Turboant M10. It’s a profoundly multi-talented electric scooter. For $449.98, you can feel like the Silver Surfer every morning – what’s not to love about that?

Turboant M10 Folded

Further Information:

Turboant M10 Review

Under $600:

Turboant X7 Max

Christmas Sale: Save $100 | Was: $599.98 | Now: $499.98

 at Turboant

Turboant X7 Max
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $600
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The Bad:
Discount Code:

Commuters all over the world rejoiced when the extremely popular Turboant X7 Pro, was updated to become the X7 Max. The Rolls Royce brand of budget scooters, Turboant, listened to customer feedback and delivered something that is darn near flawless.

Offering a 32-mile range, an updated drivetrain for enhanced power delivery, a significantly improved folding mechanism, and an altogether sleeker frame, the Max is everything its predecessor was and so much more.

Josh With Turboant X7 Max

But its supremacy extends beyond the Turboant line; no matter how hard you look, you won’t find anything better than the X7 Max on a $600 budget. It deservedly stands as both our Best Adult Electric Scooter and Best Overall Electric Scooter of the Year.

Turboant X7 Max Sleek Chassis

Why We Recommend It:

Wielding the same 350W motor seen on the X7 Pro, the Max has a top speed of 20 mph; it’s fast enough to get you to work, but slow enough to ensure that you safely navigate urban traffic and pedestrians.

Thanks to its updated drivetrain hardware and software, it now has an acceleration rate that’s 5% faster than the X7 Pro, whilst also being 14% quicker off the mark than its close competitor, the GoTrax GMAX Ultra ($849).

Turboant X7 Max Motor

Often, as the range of a scooter increases, so too does its weight. Consequently, its portability decreases. In short, the lightest, most portable scooters don’t tend to offer as much mileage for your money.

Turboant X7 Max Folded

Fortunately, the X7 Max – and the X7 Pro – provide a couple of creative solutions to this. For starters, the improved power delivery of the Max increases the efficiency of its battery to extend its single-charge range to 32 miles (or 18 miles under realistic conditions).

Turboant X7 Max Battery Being Detached

While that’s excellent news, the real headline here is the stem-mounted, detachable battery. Not only does this make it much easier to charge your scooter, but it also gives you the option of purchasing a second battery and extending the potential range to an outstanding 64 miles. Although the X7 Pro is home to this feature too, the Max has been updated to include a battery lock that prevents thieves from running off with your battery.

Turboant X7 Max Battery Key Lock

Having the ability to increase your range is a useful feature, but it’s not the only thing that makes the X7 Max a great choice for commuting. Weighing in at 34 lbs, it’s lightweight and falls well within our recommended commuter scooter weight limit. Even though the Max is bigger than the Pro – the handlebars are 2.5 inches taller and the frame is 2.7 inches longer – the build-quality and aluminum-magnesium construction ensure that it remains light, compact, and easy to carry.

Turboant X7 Max Folded Frame

In addition, the folding mechanism has been improved, making it quicker to collapse the stem and more secure when clipping it to the rear fender for transport. If space is at a premium and you need to make the Max even smaller, you can unscrew the handlebars to reduce its width.

Turboant X7 Max Folding Mechanism

Elsewhere, the large, centrally mounted handlebar display will help you keep track of your speed and distance. The interface has been updated and it’s now a lot easier to read – even in direct sunlight. It also lets you select and view your current riding mode from three options – eco, comfort, and sport. Each mode caps the motor at a different speed.

Turboant X7 Max Display

Safety was also a priority when the Max was being designed, resulting in an effective brake on each wheel. At the front, it’s an electronic brake, and at the rear, there’s a mechanical disc brake. Together, they produce a smooth stop, with very little chance of skidding. We even saw a 40% improvement in braking performance thanks to the newly calibrated brake pads (3.0 meters from 15 mph, vs 5.0 meters).

Turboant X7 Max Disc Brake

The smooth riding experience is continued thanks to the spacious frame, tall stem, and large pneumatic tires that combine to deliver a balanced sensation that is easy on the joints.

Plus, the tires have thick sidewalls to reduce the likelihood of punctures and are filled with air to protect you from most day-to-day bumps and small obstacles. They’re also grippy enough to be effective in wet weather, which is a nice addendum to the IPX4 water resistance rating.

Turboant X7 Max Tire Tread

With the Turboant X7 Max you also get a high-mounted headlight and taillight. Unlike the one on the X7 Pro, the taillight now protrudes from the newly strengthened rear fender. Yet, while it’s great to have these lights included, they’re simply not bright enough for use at night. You’ll need to purchase some additional clip-on lights if you want to go out after dark.

Turboant X7 Max With Lights On at Night

But let’s not split hairs. The Turboant X7 Max is what you get when scooter manufacturers intently listen to their customers and act on feedback. This fantastic model has raised the bar for budget commuter models.

Turboant X7 Max Sleek Frame

Under $700:

GoTrax G4

Christmas Sale: Save $100 | Was: $649 | Now: $549

 at GoTrax

GoTrax G4
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $700
The Good:
The Bad:

The GoTrax G4 is a certified heavyweight in the commuter scooter category. Blending affordability, portability, and durability – all terrific traits to have up your sleeve if getting a human to and from work every day is your reason to exist – the G4 backs its baseline pedigree up with fantastic features.

GoTrax G4 Side Profile of Frame

GoTrax is a brand known for its affordable entry-level scooters that are gentle on speed and range while being built like little tanks. The G4 is cut from a slightly different cloth: while the build chops remain, this model also has a kick in its step and can last the distance, too. Factor in cruise control, an intuitive folding mechanism, and a duo of locking systems (digital and cable), and it won’t require a huge leap of faith to opt for the G4 if the city is your playground.

Still, at $649, it’s hard to look past the fact that there are other, cheaper models that deliver just as well – if not better – than the GoTrax G4.

GoTrax G4 Plush Air-Filled Tire

Why We Recommend It:

If you’ve cut your teeth in the world of budget scooters and want to step up to something with a few more commuter-oriented features, the GoTrax G4 could be a good fit.

Capable of a 20 mph top speed, it goes toe-to-toe with the Turboant M10 and X7 Max. Against the backdrop of the rest of the GoTrax line – including the XR Ultra, XR Elite, Apex, and GXL V2 – which all hover around the 15-16 mph mark, the G4 cranks things up altogether with a top speed that is 29% faster.

GoTrax G4 with GoTrax GMAX Ultra and GoTrax Apex

The G4 also comes with a manufacturer-quoted range of 25 miles, which is impressive for a scooter with such a modest price tag. A model with this kind of distance usually retails for well over $750 – so through that lens, you’re grabbing a bargain.

However, there’s a catch. In our tests, we were only able to extract around 16 miles of range. To have any chance of reaching that fabled 25 miles, you’ll have to tickle the throttle and avoid accelerating too hard. Nevertheless, this is a natural occurrence in the scooter world, with the Turboant X7 Max and M10 both also taking a dent in their maximum range when ridden in their fastest modes (18 and 13 miles, respectively).

GoTrax G4 Rear Wheel Fender

What the G4 does have, though, is big, fat, pneumatic tires. Measuring up at 10-inches and filled with air, the tires offer shock absorption and stability in spades. They’re also lathered on the inside with a generous coating of innovative tire slime, which prevents punctures.

Think of the tires as two big doughnuts filled with jelly. Puncture the outside, and the jelly starts oozing out – right? Only with the tire slime, it works the other way. Should your tires pick up a nick of 6 mm or less, the slime in their lining will pour into the gap, plugging the aperture to prevent the outward flow of air.

GoTrax G4 10-inch Tire

This nifty aspect of the G4’s design is mirrored in the rest of the scooter’s construction. Made from a sturdy, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, it’s built to last, while its IP54 water-resistance rating means it’s designed to withstand the perils of wet weather.

Of course, we don’t recommend riding your scooter in the rain – for the sake of both your warranty and your safety. But, if you have to make it to work on a rainy morning, the G4 at least has you covered.

GoTrax G4 Full Deck

With the battery also sporting a smart management system – to safeguard it from overheating and short-circuiting, and facilitate more recharge cycles – you can be confident that your scooter will stand the test of time. It also charges in just 4-5 hours, so you can have it re-juiced and ready to roll by the end of the working day.

For stopping power, it relies on a dual-braking system that combines a disc brake at the rear with an electronic braking system at the front. While the brakes are sufficient to bring you to a safe stop, the G4’s stopping distance is longer than other scooters that we’ve tested – including the cheaper Turboant X7 Max.

GoTrax G4 Rear Disc Brake

Predictably, the G4 offers plenty of portability. It’s a little heavier than the Turboant models on our list, but at just 36 lbs it’s still comfortably within the upper weight limit we put on commuter scooters. Plus, the one-step folding mechanism makes it easy to collapse when it comes to storing and transporting.

GoTrax G4 Folded in Trunk

Simply pull the lever at the bottom of the tiller, and the G4 folds down. Better still, the stem hooks into the rear fender – meaning the scooter stays folded and is easier to lift and carry. It’s a fantastic feature that all commuters will love – and there’s more where that came from.

From the centered LED display, you’ll be able to view your speed and battery life, activate cruise control and engage a savvy digital lock.

GoTrax G4 Handlebars From Rider's Point of View

Cruise control means you can travel at a constant speed, without having to keep the accelerator depressed – so it offers some respite for your thumb on long commutes.

As for the digital lock, it allows you to set a unique three-digit code to secure your scooter. If it’s not entered, the wheels remain immobilized and the scooter beeps and flashes its light if someone tries to move it. Working in cahoots with a built-in cable lock that’s been integrated into the stem, this deterrent offers a refreshing layer of anti-theft protection.

GoTrax G4 Cable Lock

Finally, the GoTrax G4 comes with a headlight, a responsive taillight (which flashes when you apply the brakes), and six reflectors. While these all bolster your visibility at night, they’re not sufficient in and of themselves for after-dark excursions. As a result, we recommend strapping some extra lights on to be safe.

Further Information:

GoTrax G4 Review

Mid-Range Commuter Electric Scooters

Under $800:

Horizon 10.4 V2

Christmas Sale: Save $180 | Was: $899 | Now: $719 (Use code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10)

BOGO DEAL: Get x2 Horizon 10.4 for $1,298 (Was: $1,798) – Save $500 with code: HOR500 at Fluid Free Ride

Horizon V2
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $800
The Good:
The Bad:

Got a little more budget to play with, and want the ride experience to match? Look no further, because things are about to ramp up a notch with the Horizon V2.

The best commuter scooter for under $800, this little whippet has dual suspension, a peak power output of 800W, and the portability credentials to put rivals in the shade.

Priced at $799, the Horizon may cost more than Turboant’s array of commuter stars, but mark my words: the extra outlay will feel like money well spent if power and comfort are key to your decision-making.

In the case of the Horizon, you don’t just get what you pay for – you get more.

Josh with the Horizon

Why We Recommend It:

Delivering everything that made the original Horizon so loved, the 10.4 V2 is an expertly designed model with superb build quality.

It’s powered by a 500W motor and 48V 10.4Ah battery, which is more than enough to make your commute seem like a thrill ride. Indeed, with a 23 mph top speed, an acceleration rate of 0 to 15 mph in 5.2 seconds, and a 23-mile single-charge range, this little missile offers commuters much more than you’d expect from its price tag.

Josh Riding the Horizon

When it comes to hills it can take on gradual inclines without any noticeable performance drop, but if you attempt more intimidating slopes, you may want to opt for a scooter with more power like the Apollo City Pro.

But let me be clear: on flat surfaces, the Horizon 10.4 has a real bite. Thankfully, it also comes with both a drum brake and an electronic regenerative brake. Together, these perform well and bring you to a reliable stop. However, because their braking power is directed to the rear wheel alone, you may skid when braking abruptly.

Close Up of Horizon Rear Drum Brake

One of the first things you’ll notice upon taking to the road is the Horizon’s ride quality. This is all down to the front spring and rear dual air-shock suspension. These masquerade with the front air-filled tire to absorb shocks and cushion the ride.

Before I received the Horizon I was a little worried that the rear solid tire would have a detrimental impact on shock absorption. However, it turned out to be a shrewd design choice on the part of Fluid Free Ride. The suspension is more than capable of adequately smoothing out the ride, while the solid tire maintains traction to handle the torque delivered by the rear-mounted motor. It also eliminates the risk of punctures.

Horizon Front Spring Suspension

In addition to the suspension, the telescopic stem and generously-sized and grippy deck are perfectly geared for comfort and stability. Whether you’re over 6 feet or weigh up to 265 lbs, the Horizon is fit for all.

It’s also a case study in portability. Its compact size and relatively low weight mean that you’ll have no problem folding or carrying it. With the telescopic stem and foldable handlebars in play, it can go from spacious to compact in a few seconds. And if that wasn’t enough to write home about, a pre-installed carry handle allows you to lift it off the ground and lug it without folding it.

Front View of Horizon Folded Frame

In many ways, the Horizon V2 is almost identical to the original; however, when you look closely at the handlebars, you’ll notice a couple of interesting upgrades. First, the QS-S4 display has been replaced with a new waterproof unit. Secondly, the finger throttle that came with the QS-S4 has been replaced by a far superior thumb throttle.

Horizon Handbrake

While the QS-S4 and integrated finger throttle unit is commonly used and well-loved by many riders, it has a few drawbacks that have been addressed by the new console. Most notable is the improved ergonomics.

From the new display, you also have control over three front lights and two at the rear. Yet, as nice as it is to have so many lights, they’re too dim and poorly positioned to be effective on dark streets. You’ll need to buy an extra set of clip-on lights to ensure that you can see where you’re going.

Close Up of Horizon Front Button Lights

But let’s not linger on the lights; with all things considered, the Horizon 10.4 V2 is an excellent commuter scooter that performs surprisingly well across all of the key areas of performance that we test for. Its telescopic stem, foldable handlebars, suspension, and thumb throttle all add to the overall quality of this scooter and will ensure your morning routine becomes something you look forward to.

Further Information:

Horizon 10.4 Review

Under $900:

EMOVE Touring

Christmas Sale: Save $50 | Was: $899 | Now: $849 (Use code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
Orange EMOVE Touring
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $900
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

Ever heard of a commuter scooter having a triple-suspension system? You have now.

EMOVE Touring Front Triple Spring Suspension System

The EMOVE Touring will smash all your expectations for an under $900 electric scooter. It delivers in practically every category, with an impressive 25 mph top speed, extended 32-mile range, and show-stopping portability features working in orbit around a level of ride quality that no rival can match.

Available for just $899, the EMOVE Touring betters many pricier models. If you’re a commuter intent on taking a step up from entry-level scooters then look no further.

Why We Recommend It:

We consider the Touring’s suspension to be not only the best in its price class but also one of the best in our entire database of commuter scooters. The protagonists here are a single spring stacked on top of a dual-pronged set of coil springs that flank either side of its front wheel. Working in tandem with the rear shocks, the Touring delivers a ride that’s smoother than Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk.

EMOVE Touring Orange Frame

As with the Horizon, the suspension is paired with a front 8-inch air-filled tire and a rear 8-inch solid tire. Because of the quality and effectiveness of the suspension, you still get exceptional ride quality on well-maintained surfaces despite the solid tire. The impeccable shock absorption is excellent at protecting your knees and wrists from any hard impacts and vibrations. However, it’s worth avoiding loose terrain like gravel, and going carefully when it's wet out; occasionally, these surfaces can make the rear tire slip.

The EMOVE Touring isn’t just all about ride quality, though: it also delivers solid performance when it comes to speed, acceleration, and hills. The 500W motor has a 750W peak output, which not only has enough power to scale the majority of gradual inclines but easily takes you up to the 25 mph max speed. It also beats the Horizon by going from 0 to 15 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

Rear View of the EMOVE Touring on Leafy Road

Because of the high top speed, you’d expect braking power to match. While the Touring doesn’t disappoint with its low-maintenance drum and regen braking setup, I would have preferred to see the braking power spread across both wheels. However, if my wish were to be granted it would no doubt bump the price up. As it is, the brakes will bring you to a stop from 15 mph in an adequate 4.9 meters.

A big reason for the EMOVE Touring’s imperious reputation is because the quality of its inner workings matches that of its alluring exterior. One of the most noteworthy features here is the 48V 13Ah LG battery. Not only can this deliver a maximum range of 32 miles, but its lightning-quick 3-4 hour recharge time makes it well-suited to taking your charging cable with you to work and recharging during the day. The best part of all though is that the battery uses high-quality LG cells. These ensure hundreds more charge cycles than the standard batteries found in many other scooters.

EMOVE Touring Deck with Grip Tape

It’s important to remember that the 32-mile figure is calculated with an average rider traveling on a flat surface at a relatively low speed. The heavier you are, the harder the terrain, and the faster you travel, the shorter your range will be. Realistically, you can expect a range of between 17-20 miles.

Portability is also key to this scooter’s appeal. When you collapse it, shorten the stem and fold the handlebars, it measures just 43.0 (L) x 8.9 (W) x 11.5 (H) inches. Once in its folded form, it’s easy to carry – especially because its narrow stem is the ideal size for wrapping your hand around. If you have a mixed mode commute that involves a journey in a car or public transport, it’s ideal. In just a few seconds you can set it up and be on your way. Equally, it can be quickly collapsed and loaded onto a bus, or carried into the office.

EMOVE Touring Folded

For a scooter weighing only 39 lbs, the Touring is surprisingly robust; it can take on loads of up to 308 lbs and provides plenty of space for even the largest of riders. The telescopic stem, for instance, can raise to 42 inches above the deck, allowing riders both short and tall to find a handlebar height that suits them best. The 22-inch span of the handlebars is also impressively wide and perfectly positioned for you to assume a controlled stance.

Up on the handlebars, you’ll find a QS-S4 display and finger throttle unit. This is a commonly used system that lets you view your ride stats and modulate your speed. It also allows you to access the p-settings where you can adjust the intensity of the accelerative and regen braking power.

EMOVE Touring Handlebars

Further along the handlebars, you get an electronic horn to ensure that other road users are aware of your presence, as well as a simple switch that allows you to control the lights. But, as with many scooters of a similar price, the lights aren’t quite bright enough to be effective at night. Extras are recommended.

In conclusion, the EMOVE Touring is an eye-catching scooter that comes in a variety of colors. It’s the perfect counterpoint to the matte black finish that so many brands tend to opt for. However, beyond its fun appearance, you benefit from a feature-packed commuter scooter that’s capable of delivering some seriously impressive performance and a supremely smooth ride.

Further Information:

EMOVE Touring Review

Under $1,000:


Christmas Sale: Save $200 | Was: $1,099 | Now: $899 (Use code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10)

BOGO DEAL: Get x2 Mosquito for $1,698 (Was: $2,198) – Save $500 with code: MSQ500 at Fluid Free Ride

Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $1000
The Good:
The Bad:

The first thing you should know about the Mosquito is that it’s our Best Portable Electric Scooter of the Year. Secondly, it’s the best commuter scooter for under $1,000. And thirdly, it was spawned by a collaboration between Fluid Free Ride and E-TWOW, two manufacturers with serious spurs in the commuter scooter arena.

Sporting a 500W motor, 25 mph top speed, and an overall weight of just 29 lbs, the Mosquito is not just an exceptional commuter scooter, it also provides the best power-to-weight ratio we’ve ever seen.

Whether you’re a new or experienced rider, you’ll find something to love about this groundbreaking ultra-portable superstar.

Josh With the Mosquito

Why We Recommend It:

Want to look like Batman? With this matte-black beauty, you won’t have to hide under the cover of darkness to dominate a cityscape.

The Mosquito is a bewildering piece of engineering. It weighs about the same as a dachshund but carries the power of a mountain lion. This is what makes this scooter so special. Usually, with ultra-portable models, their defining quality comes at the cost of power. Not here. This model delivers both, rewriting the rule book in the process.

Mosquito Chassis

On a larger model, the 500W motor wouldn’t sound so impressive. But the Mosquito weighs just 29 lbs. It achieves its 25 mph top speed with ease and on some trips, you’ll find yourself flying along at 27 or 28 mph. You can expect to zip from 0 to 15 mph in 5.1 seconds, too.

And let’s not forget the Lithium-ion 48V 9.6Ah battery that delivers an excellent range of 22 miles (or 18 miles when ridden in its fastest setting).

Mosquito Charge Port Open

While these numbers are impressive, it’s the agility of the Mosquito that makes it such a joy to ride. Thanks to its outstanding suspension system – by far the best of any ultra-portable scooter – this model caresses urban surfaces, while its solid tires are custom-made for unpredictable city streets. As with everything when it comes to the Mosquito, the beauty is in the balance between finesse and toughness.

Mosquito Rear Spring

So, what’s all this fuss about portability? Well, the Mosquito has a telescopic stem and foldable handlebars, which, combined with its low weight, make it extremely easy to carry and store at work. The cantilevered folding mechanism is simple to master and only takes a few seconds to apply. Then, when you pick it up, there’s a comfortable carry handle on the stem. If you commute through a particularly busy area this is an excellent choice.

Mosquito Folded With Carry Handle

It's not just portability where the Mosquito shines, though. The braking system includes three parts: a rear drum brake; a regenerative brake; and a stomp brake. Unlike other scooters that combine mechanical and electronic braking systems, the drum brake on the Mosquito is operated via the brake lever on the right, and the electronic brake by the thumb paddle on the left. Having the option to use the regen brake alone means you can brake more efficiently since the regenerative mechanism recycles wasted energy to prolong battery life.

Mosquito Regen Paddle

Once fully activated, the brakes bring you to a halt from 15 mph in 4.8 meters. While some riders like to use the stomp brake, we recommend you don’t as it wears the tire down.

Mosquito Brake Lever

Adding to the Mosquito's finely-tuned blueprint is a bright and colorful display. Simple in its design, it shows you all the key information you need during your ride, including speed, distance, battery life, and temperature. The screen is mostly easy to read, but the only drawback is that some of the data is displayed in smaller digits that can be hard to see at a glance.

Mosquito Display Showing Key Stats

Aside from the display, the well-positioned thumb throttle ensures convenient control over your speed, while the height-adjustable handlebars (two heights: 36-inches and 39-inches from the deck) and 265 lbs load capacity cater to riders of all shapes and sizes.

Mosquito Two-Step Stem Adjustment

There’s no denying that the Mosquito is the king of ultra-portability, but it’s also well equipped to serve riders that are in search of a compact scooter that packs a punch. It’s small, nippy, and incredibly exciting to ride, all while having enough extra features to keep even the most discerning rider interested.

Dramatic Shot of Mosquito Frame

Further Information:

Mosquito Review

Premium Commuter Electric Scooters

Under $1,200:

Apollo Air 2022

Christmas Sale: Save $200 | Was: $1,199 | Now: $999
Apollo Air Pro 2022
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $1200
The Good:
The Bad:

As a leader in the electric scooter space, Apollo took feedback on their much loved Apollo Air and Air Pro, applied it to a revamped design, and produced an end product that represents a huge leap forward. Introducing the Apollo Air 2022.

Sporting a 500W motor and 36V 15Ah battery that far outstrip anything its predecessors could offer, the Air 2022 is both meaner and leaner; but better speed and range aren’t all it has to boast about. It’s also our Best Waterproof Electric Scooter of the year, an award that established this bottle rocket as an all-weather commuter scooter to take note of.

Side Profile of Apollo Air 2022 vs Apollo Air 2021

Priced at $999, it’s the perfect gateway into the world of performance scooters for those who require the durability of an everyday workhorse and the ride quality to make every commute a genuine pleasure.

Josh on Apollo Air 2022

Why We Recommend It:

So, let’s start with its power. The Air 2022 wields 43% more motor power and 44% more battery power than the class of ’21, manifesting in a top speed of 21 mph and a maximum range of 31 miles. With an acceleration rate of 0-15 mph in 5.7 seconds, it’s also 20% quicker out of the blocks than the Air 2021 and 5% faster than the Air Pro 2021.

Apollo Air 2022 Rear Motor

Crucially, the Air 2022’s battery comes with 21700 cells instead of its forerunner’s 18650 cells, meaning the unit is both more efficient and longer-lasting.

Compared to the Mosquito, this is a heavier scooter at 38.5 lbs, but it still falls well within the weight threshold that we recommend for commuter scooters. Besides, it's easy to see where its extra weight comes from. Apollo models are well known for their exceptional build quality and this is clear when you look at the sleek, graphite-coated frame, upswept handlebars, front fork suspension, and beautifully tapered deck.

Apollo Air 2022 Sleek Chassis

One of the key design elements that makes the Air such a good commuter model, though, is its best-in-class folding mechanism. It’s a huge improvement on the previous Air, borrowing the same one-click design that shocked users of the new Apollo City (including us).

Apollo Air 2022 Simple Folding Mechanism

Once folded, the Air is easy to pick up in one hand; it will also fit in your car trunk and can be taken onto public transport with no fear of clattering into people.

Apollo Air 2022 Folded

Elsewhere, the handlebars are now 2.5 inches wider for more stability and control, while the cable management is vastly improved to reduce any potential for malfunctions. Armed with a big grippy deck, durable aluminum frame, and IP54 water-resistance rating, it inspires confidence, whatever the weather.

Apollo Air 2022 Cockpit

Now, ride quality. Take a bow, Apollo, because the Air 2022 is simply best-in-class. The front fork suspension and 10-inch air-filled tires let you glide over most urban surfaces with all the grace of Aladdin. On top of that, it’s clear that this is an exceptionally well-put-together machine. Even reaching the 21 mph top speed elicits no rattling; everything moves together smoothly as one.

Apollo Air 2022 Front Tire

The brakes are a perfect match for its performance. The dual system comprises a front drum brake and a rear regenerative brake. The regen brake now comes with its own braking paddle in what is another upgrade on its predecessor. Combined, the brakes can produce a complete stop from 15 mph in 3.4 meters – equalling the distance of its bigger cousin, the Apollo City Pro.

Apollo Air 2022 Brake Lever

The cockpit controls on the handlebars are also among the sleekest I’ve tested. The LED display is relatively small and is built flush into the top of the stem; on the right is the thumb throttle, and to the left is the thumb paddle for the regen brake. The screen displays everything you need to know during your ride, including speed, distance, and battery use. But, unfortunately, it's not bright enough and can be hard to see.

Apollo Air 2022 Display

One screen that’s not hard to see, however, is that of your phone. Once you pair the Air with the Apollo app, you open up a world of possibilities. Not only does it give you a dashboard full of riding stats but it also lets you:

  • Adjust the strength of the regenerative brake and acceleration
  • Tweak your top speed, as well as the speed of each riding mode
  • Turn cruise control on and off, and set the time it takes before it automatically kicks in
  • Turn the digital lock on and off, which immobilizes the scooter by applying the electronic brake
  • Change your units of measurement
  • Toggle between kick-to-start and zero-start modes
  • Turn the lights on and off

Apollo City 2022 Mobile App

As is often the case with scooters, the headlight and taillight are well-positioned, yet lack the required luminosity for full visibility at night. If you need to take your scooter out regularly in the evening it would be a good idea to purchase a set of additional clip-on lights.

Apollo Air 2022 Rear Fender

Yet, minor gripes aside, the Apollo Air 2022 is a stunning, comfortable scooter that’s been built to a fantastically high standard. It combines sleek lines with impressive functionality as well as several extras that make it feel like a much more expensive model. If you’re a commuter that prizes premium design with long-lasting performance, this could be the scooter for you.

Apollo Air 2022 Graphite Frame

Under $1,500:

EMOVE Cruiser

Christmas Sale: Save $150 | Was: $1,499 | Now: $1,349 (Use code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
Emove Cruiser
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $1500
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

Ah, the EMOVE Cruiser. Its mere mention is enough to bring a tear to my eye. Anointed the awards for the Best Long Range Electric Scooter and Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Riders by our experts, it is quite simply the top model money can buy for under $1,500.

A 62-mile range. A load-bearing capacity of 352 lbs. A suspension system that would melt glaciers. An IPX6 water-resistance rating. Everything about the Cruiser is utterly top-class.

Add to this litany of accolades its collapsible handlebars, telescopic stem, and fuss-free folding mechanism, and it’s clear that the Cruiser isn’t light on reasons why you should make it your go-to commuting sidekick.

EMOVE Cruiser Front Mudguard

Why We Recommend It:

So, that 62-mile range. No, no – your eyes didn’t deceive you. This is the longest range of any commuter scooter. In fact, few scooters in our entire 140+ database of models can touch it. The 52V 30Ah LG battery deserves a statue at the Voro Motors’ HQ (the brand behind EMOVE).

You may be wondering who on earth needs 62 miles of range? Well, think about it: it's reasonable to assert that you won’t have to charge your scooter for up to two weeks, freeing up the 9-12 hours it takes to recharge and saving you heaps of money in the long run. It can also eliminate public transport from your commute.

EMOVE Cruiser Charging Port

While it’s easy to get hung up on its incredible range (as we just did), there are plenty of other strings to the Cruiser’s bow. For instance, its 1000W motor makes it capable of a zippy 30-mph top speed – a venomous velocity that belies the Cruiser’s single motor status. In this list, only the 32 mph of the Apollo City Pro outstrips the Cruiser for speed, so it’s not to be sniffed at.

Josh with the EMOVE Cruiser

Now, specs are important, but – as any self-respecting, aesthetic-conscious commuter will know – style is, too. Thankfully, the EMOVE Cruiser allows you to go your own way: choosing between purple, red, orange, white, and black.

You’ll also fall in love with its sturdy, stocky design. Built with a long deck, wide handlebars, and savvy S-knob folding mechanism – plus a whole host of extra features – the Cruiser puts the fun in functionality.

EMOVE Cruiser Handlebars

Among those features are a neat key-ignition to deter sticky fingers, plus a battery voltmeter. Located on the handlebars, this device offers near-perfect readouts of your battery health, allowing you to better plan your commutes – and avoid getting stranded without power. Cruise control is included as standard, too, as is a horn and the option to add a seat. There’s even a smart battery management system to ward off the perils of battery overheating and prevent overcharging.

EMOVE Cruiser Battery Voltmeter

We could wax lyrical about the EMOVE Cruiser’s features all day (we haven’t even discussed its QS-S4 display or turn signals yet, after all). But in the interests of brevity, let’s move the discussion on to the two big ‘S’s: safety and suspension.

Well, both are top-notch. The front and rear 140 mm semi-hydraulic brakes will bring you to a stop in just 3.4 meters from 15 mph, while its car-grade pneumatic tires offer a wealth of shock absorption. The fact that these 10-inch monstrosities are paired with a highly competent suspension setup – comprising of large front springs and rear air shocks – only furthers the Cruiser’s status as the full package.

EMOVE Cruiser Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake

Plus, the Cruiser’s tires – which, with a whopping profile, are as large and wide as those on some of the electric scooter industry’s top models – offer lots to love in the way of grip and carving from side to side.

EMOVE Cruiser Front Plush Air-Filled Tire

The Cruiser is well-equipped to handle wet weather, too. It sports an IPX6 water resistance rating – one of the highest in the industry – plus a wonderfully oversized rear tire hugger to put the kibosh on mud splashing up onto your back. Of course, this kind of attention to detail and design finesse is nothing less than we’d expect from the EMOVE name – the same brand that brought us the Touring, another dependable commuter stalwart.

Like the Touring, the Cruiser relies on a combination of steel and stress-tested aluminum alloy, while rubber, grip tape, and reinforced plastic have been used on the hand grips, deck, and more superficial parts (such as the fenders). The Cruiser looks and feels reliable.

EMOVE Cruiser Ultra-Wide Deck

Even the moving parts – like its telescopic stem – feel stable. Often, these components tend to be the most fragile on scooters, and are generally the most prone to breakage and dysfunction. On the Cruiser, though, they feel solid and stable and will give you peace of mind on your commute. The only area that could do with improvement is the foldable handlebars; for greater stability, they could screw into place instead of simply sliding over the central T-bar. This would eliminate the slight wiggle experienced in both grips. Luckily, the wiggle can be eliminated by tightening the screws.

EMOVE Cruiser Folded Handlebars

Finally, it’s worth calling upon its lighting package. It sports deck-embedded button lights, a bright headlight (located above the front fender), a responsive taillight, and surprisingly effective turn signals. This all combines to render the Cruiser as one of the most well-equipped commuter scooters where lighting is concerned.

EMOVE Cruiser Headlight

So, there you have it. The EMOVE Cruiser. A darling of Electric Scooter Insider – and deservedly so. If you have $1,500 to spare, and rank convenience as high as performance and ride quality, it’s well worth the investment.

EMOVE Cruiser Fully Folded

Under $1,800:

Apollo City Pro

Christmas Sale: Save $200 | Was: $1,799 | Now: $1,599
Apollo City 2022
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $1800
The Good:
The Bad:

When a scooter comes built from a proprietary mold – and with its own mobile app – you know it’s going to be good. And the all-new Apollo City Pro 2022 (which is almost unrecognizable from the old Apollo City) doesn’t disappoint.

Sporting self-healing tires, powerful regenerative brakes, a one-click folding mechanism, and an IP56 water resistance rating, the City Pro represents a new frontier of high-performing commuter scooters.

Sure, high-performance comes with a higher price tag, but for $1,699 you’re going to stave off those Monday morning blues for years.

Josh on the Apollo City 2022

Why We Recommend It:

Remember the old Apollo City, with its telescopic stem and royal blue trim? Well, cast it from your memory and get over the nostalgia, because an all-new City is in town – and it’s bewitching.

OLD Apollo City vs Apollo City 2022

The latest incarnation of the Apollo City improves on the original in many ways. Boasting a proprietary design put together by Apollo’s CTO, the City’s build is a far cry from the original, which was an OEM production unit. Aesthetically, it feels more evolved than its predecessor. Decked stem to fender in a lean, mean space grey paint, the City Pro channels a look and feel more reminiscent of the latest iPhone than your average commuter scooter.

Side of Apollo City 2022 Chassis

Available in both a single and a dual-motor version (though it’s the dual we are reviewing here), it delivers a faster top speed of 32 mph than the original and can climb steeper hills. Yes, it loses out to similarly priced models that are capable of hitting higher top speeds – like its big bro, the Apollo Ghost 2022. But these scooters are primed for raw performance; they don’t share the same attributes that make the City Pro such a good scooter for commuting.

Apollo City 2022 Folded From Rear

Besides, the dual 48V 500W motors promise a rapid acceleration rate of 0-15 mph in 2.9 seconds, making it the zippiest commuter scooter.

Switching our focus to range, the City Pro stacks up well against the commuter competition, but it is beaten by the cheaper EMOVE Cruiser. Here, it's important to weigh up how important features like puncture-proof tires, customizable performance via an integrated mobile app, and regenerative braking are to you. The City Pro offers a wealth of benefits that make it superior to the Cruiser, so if you don’t mind sacrificing a longer mileage for a scooter that is better equipped for the challenges of everyday commuting, then the City Pro is a great choice.

Apollo City 2022 Durable Swingarm

What’s more, the City Pro’s range comes coupled with an equally impressive charge time. Utilize its 3A fast charging port and included fast charger (unlike other brands, Apollo doesn’t make you pay extra for it) and you’ll have your scooter ready to roll in just 6 hours.

Apollo City 2022 Charging Port

Another area where the City Pro knocks it out of the park is comfort. The scooter pairs springs and pivoting swingarms to achieve a smooth riding experience. No jarring vibrations. No chattering teeth. No aching wrists. Just an alluring glide – every time.

Apollo City 2022 Swingarm

The tires should take some credit for that, too. Tubeless and self-healing, they’re not only less likely to pick up flats but require far less maintenance than their run-of-the-mill counterparts. Thanks to their inflated size – 10 x 3.5 inches, compared to the 8.5 x 2 inches of the original City – they’re also more comfortable while offering stability to boot.

Apollo City 2022 Rear Tire

While we’re on the topic of upgrades, we should mention the braking setup. Dual drum brakes replace the disc and drum combo of the original, while superior regenerative brakes complete the picture. All told, the lot will bring you to a complete stop within 3.4 meters from 15 mph.

Apollo City 2022 Right Handbrake

Continuing in the safety vein, it comes with a 500-lumen headlight that’s seamlessly integrated into the stem. Like the scooter’s responsive taillight (which flashes as you brake), its bright headlight is elegant, efficient, and primed for night rides.

Apollo City 2022 Headlight at Night Off-Road Track

Better still, its turn signals are the best we’ve tested.

Apollo City 2022 Turn Signal Light On

Unlike other scooters, the City 2022 informs you of when the turn signals are on via icons on the LED display followed by loud beeps. It’s impossible to forget when you’ve activated your turn signals. But if you do, they’ll turn off after ten seconds. Not bad, Apollo.

Close Up of Apollo City 2022 LED Display

Building on the City’s winning formula, the integrated mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) allows you to tinker with the strength of the regenerative brake and acceleration, tweak your top speed, and change your cruise control settings. You can even set customized speed limits across its three riding modes, turn the lights on or off, and immobilize your scooter via the digital lock.

Apollo City 2022 Mobile App

One final feature that is worth its weight in gold, is the best folding mechanism that we’ve ever tested. Complete with a built-in safety latch – that prevents it from uncoupling when you’re in motion – the one-click mechanism is simple and intuitive.

Apollo City 2022 One-Click Folding Mechanism

When being lifted, a hook/latch combo keeps the two halves of the scooter connected, so it’s easy to pick up and carry. However, when left folded to its own devices, the hook on the back of the handlebars tends to slip out of the latch – this is by no means a deal-breaker but more of an annoyance.

Apollo City 2022 Handlebars Hooked into Deck

Of course, there’s also an elephant in the room here – namely, its elephant-like weight. At 65 lbs, it’s certainly heavier than what we’d normally recommend for commuters. However, the ease with which it folds and its integration of many features mean it’s more than worthy of commuter contention.

Apollo City 2022 Folded Frame

The Apollo City Pro 2022 is more expensive than the other commuter scooters on our list – and its frame is on the heavy side, but if you’re after ultimate build quality and an unrivaled feature set, as well as dual-motor performance then this is the scooter for you.

Apollo City 2022 Anodized Frame

Further Information:

Apollo City 2022 Review

By Performance

Our Top Picks by Speed

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPriceTop Speed
Apollo City Pro$1,69932 MPH
EMOVE Cruiser$1,49930 MPH
Mosquito$99925 MPH
Horizon 10.4$79925 MPH
EMOVE Touring$89925 MPH
Apollo Air 2022$99921 MPH
Turboant X7 Max$60020 MPH
Turboant M10$45020 MPH
GoTrax G4$64920 MPH


Our Top Picks by Acceleration to 15 MPH

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPrice0-15 MPH (Seconds)
Apollo City Pro$1,6992.9 s
EMOVE Cruiser$1,4993.4 s
EMOVE Touring$8994.5 s
Mosquito$9995.1 s
Horizon 10.4$7995.2 s
Apollo Air 2022$9995.7 s
GoTrax G4$6496.3 s
Turboant X7 Max$6006.9 s
Turboant M10$4507.6 s


Our Top Picks by Maximum Range (Riding at Slowest Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPriceMax Range
EMOVE Cruiser$1,49962 miles
Apollo City Pro$1,69938 miles
EMOVE Touring$89932 miles
Turboant X7 Max$60032 miles
Apollo Air 2022$99931 miles
GoTrax G4$64925 miles
Horizon 10.4$79923 miles
Mosquito$99922 miles
Turboant M10$45018 miles


Our Top Picks by Realistic Range (Riding at Top Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPriceMax Range
EMOVE Cruiser$1,49947 miles
Apollo City Pro$1,69923 miles
Apollo Air 2022$99923 miles
Mosquito$99918 miles
Turboant X7 Max$60018 miles
EMOVE Touring$89917 miles
Horizon 10.4$79916 miles
GoTrax G4$64916 miles
Turboant M10$45013 miles


Our Top Picks by Braking Performance

Ordered from shortest to longest stopping distance.

ScooterPriceBraking From 15 MPH
Turboant X7 Max$6003.0 meters
EMOVE Cruiser$1,4993.4 meters
Apollo City Pro$1,6993.4 meters
Apollo Air 2022$9993.4 meters
Mosquito$9994.7 meters
EMOVE Touring$8994.9 meters
Horizon 10.4$7994.9 meters
Turboant M10$4504.9 meters
GoTrax G4$6496.0 meters

By Type

Heavy Adults:


Further Information:

Fast Electric Scooters

Longest Range:



Biggest Wheels:

Most Portable:

Hill Climbing:



Optional Seat Attachment:

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Best Seated Scooters


What is the Best Electric Scooter For Commuting?

The best electric scooters for commuting, ordered by price, are as follows:

How Do I Choose an Electric Scooter for Commuting?

When choosing an electric scooter for commuting, there are several things that you should keep in mind.

1. Speed

How much time do you need to allow yourself to get from one place to the next? If your goal is to cut back on the time spent traveling, speed is the defining factor that you want to look for.

Fast commuter scooters tend to sit around the 25-30 mph mark.

2. Mileage

How far is your commute? If your commute is long, you’re going to need to get a long-range electric scooter.

The commuter scooter with the longest range is the EMOVE Cruiser, which clocks in at 62 miles.

3. Weight & Portability

Will you need to fold and carry your scooter? Are you going to be carrying it upstairs? Do you need to put it in the trunk of a car, or store it out of the way in the office?

Weight and portability are two factors you need to pay attention to. No one wants to spend their day lugging around a 50 lb electric scooter. For ultimate portability, you should choose a scooter that has a telescopic stem and foldable handlebars.

4. Charge Time

How often are you going to use your electric scooter?

If you plan on commuting frequently you’re going to want to avoid models that take a long time to charge. Ideally, you’ll want to opt for a scooter that takes only a few hours to charge (4-6 hours). In circumstances where the electric scooter has a long-range, charge time may not play a big factor since you won’t need to charge it daily.

5. Durability

Durability is often pushed aside as an afterthought, but you should keep this front of mind and opt for a scooter that is going to last the test of time.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Generally speaking, the more expensive the scooter is, the better its build quality.

Because most commuter scooters have a fairly sedate top speed they don’t suffer from the same issues as high-performance models that need to withstand extreme pressures when riding. One area of build quality that is prominent for commuter scooters, though, is battery quality. If you buy a scooter, make sure it comes with a good quality battery and a system that regulates the battery’s health. This will mean that you can rest assured knowing that it has the pedigree to deliver a long battery life.

Similarly, water-resistance ratings are key to commuter scooters since it's likely that you’re going to need a model that can weather the storms of differing conditions.

6. Extra Features

Features such as self-healing tires, regen brakes, turn signals, and bright lights, should also play a role in your decision. Not only do extra features like these make the riding experience more enjoyable but they turn your scooter from a machine that simply gets you from A to B to one that is primed for the challenges of inner-city riding.

How Much Do Electric Commuter Scooters Cost?

Electric commuter scooters come with wide and varied price tags depending on their performance and features.

At the cheapest end of the scale, you can pick up a commuter scooter for around $450. But, if you want to get a top-of-the-line model, (i.e. something that goes fast, far, and provides premium ride quality), you’re going to be spending closer to $1,700.

What is a Commuter Scooter?

A commuter scooter is a scooter that has been engineered to be ridden to and from work, and for traveling in general. Among other traits, commuter scooters are made with functionality in mind.

Commuter scooters are easy to fold, lift, and transport, and have short charging times for a quick turnaround.

Are Electric Scooters Good for Commuting?

Absolutely. Electric scooters can be the ideal partner for commuting: whether you plan to ride them the whole way to work, or in combination with a train or bus as part of a ‘last mile’ solution.

That is, of course, if you select the right scooter. Not all electric scooters, after all, are made equal – and not all scooters will suit commuting. Be sure to select a scooter that has a simple, seamless folding mechanism, and is equipped with the features that are essential for your commute (i.e. a water resistance rating, turn signals, effective headlight, self-healing tires, low maintenance brakes, etc). If a scooter has a telescopic stem or foldable handlebars, they’ll be even easier to fold and stow away – making them even more fit for purpose.

Choosing the right commuter scooter isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help. In our list of the best electric scooters for commuting are a variety of models perfect for all budgets.

How Far Can You Commute on an Electric Scooter?

This depends on the electric scooter you choose because they all have different-sized batteries. On the cheaper end of the scale, batteries tend to run at 7.5Ah (20 miles), while models higher up in price can have batteries that are as big as 30Ah (62 miles).

As a rule of thumb, the bigger the battery, the further the range.

The commuter scooter with the longest range is the EMOVE Cruiser. The Cruiser clocks in an impressive maximum 62-mile range thanks to its large 52V 30Ah LG battery.

Are Commuter Scooters Legal?

Laws relating to electric scooters vary widely. In some states, they’re forbidden on the streets – in others, on the sidewalks. Even in states where electric scooters are allowed, there are restrictions on speed.

Check out our guide to street-legal electric scooters for the full low-down.

Josh Frisby

Josh Frisby

Josh, Founder of Electric Scooter Insider. Over the last 4 years, I’ve tested countless scooters, amassed a database of 140+ models, and helped thousands of people find the right scooter. All of the scooters that I review are put through a rigorous review process so I can clearly distinguish where one is better or worse than another.


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