9 Best Waterproof Electric Scooters For Riding in the Rain (We Rode Them All)

After testing the top-performing scooters from a field of 61 models, we’ve listed the 9 best waterproof electric scooters. In total, we spent 153 hours conducting hands-on tests and reviewing the scooters.

Special attention was placed on water-resistance ratings, tire performance (type, size, tread, and traction), braking power, deck grip, and fender placement for protection from splashes, as well as overall handling.

Waterproof Electric Scooters


Our top choices for riders that are on a budget and new to electric scooters.

Under $400
Turboant M10
Turboant M10
Christmas Sale: $359.98 $449.98
Under $600
Turboant X7 Max
Turboant X7 Max
Christmas Sale: $499.98 $599.98
Under $800
Turboant V8
Turboant V8
Christmas Sale: $649.98 $799.98


Our top choices for riders that want power, range, and good overall performance.

Under $1,000
Apollo Air Pro 2022
Apollo Air 2022
Christmas Sale: $999.00 $1,199.00
Under $1,500
Emove Cruiser
EMOVE Cruiser
Christmas Sale: $1,349.00 $1,499.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER
Under $2,000
Apollo Phantom
Apollo Phantom
Christmas Sale: $1,899.00 $2,299.00


Our top choices for riders that want serious power, range, and the highest level of performance.

Under $3,000
Mantis King GT
Mantis King GT
Christmas Sale: $2,145.00 $2,495.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER
Under $3,500
NAMI Burn-e 2
NAMI Burn-e 2
Christmas Sale: $3,329.00 $3,699.00 – Use Code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10
Over $4,000
Wolf King GT
Wolf King GT
Christmas Sale: $3,145.00 $3,795.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER

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Our top choices for riders that are on a budget and new to electric scooters.

Our top choices for riders that want power, range, and good overall performance.

Our top choices for riders that want serious power, range, and the highest level of performance.

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Entry-Level Waterproof Electric Scooters

Under $400:

Turboant M10

Christmas Sale: Save $90 | Was: $449.98 | Now: $359.98

 at Turboant

Turboant M10
Best Waterproof Electric Scooter Under $400
Water Resistance Rating:
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

The Turboant M10 represents a surprisingly reliable rainy ride – particularly when you take into account the affordability of its price tag.

If you’re on a budget and need an electric scooter that you can depend on – come rain or shine – they don’t come much better than this.

Josh on Turboant M10

Flaunting an IP54 water resistance rating, it’s protected from water splashes from any direction. But rest assured, that’s not the only string to this scintillating, cut-price scooter’s bow.

Turboant M10 Rear Pneumatic Tire

Capable of reaching its top speed of 20 mph in less than 10 seconds and keeping its shock-absorbing wheels rolling for up to 18 miles, the M10 easily outperforms its modest price tag.

Why We Recommend It:

Cheaper, less chunky, and arguably more cheerful than its predecessor – the Turboant X7 Pro – the M10 offers something for everyone. Not only is it quick and light (making it perfect for commuters), it charges quickly, folds easily, and packs enough range to get you to and from your destination.

Turboant M10 Folded

Plus, when you use Electric Scooter Insider’s unique discount code, you’ll bag a $50 discount – making the M10 the best scooter available for less than $400.

It’s easy to get carried away with the M10’s specs, but let’s get back to what we’re here for – its water-resistance capabilities. The IP54 rating means it’s well protected from puddles and precipitation. But to be safeguarded from water, several other important factors come into play.

Turboant M10 Frame

There’s the size and type of the tires, for instance. Pneumatic and 10 inches in diameter, not only does their plus-sized profile create a bigger contact patch with the road – thus creating greater levels of traction in wet or treacherous conditions – they’re also filled with air, rather than solid rubber or foam.

Turboant M10 Front Wheel and Reflector

The difference is that pneumatic tires absorb the impact of less-even terrain, whilst maintaining traction throughout. This means that the M10 is both safer and more comfortable than the average budget scooter when it comes to riding in the rain.

Turboant M10 Plush Tire

Adding to the water-resistant credentials are its safety features – namely, the hand-operated disc brake located over its rear wheel. Even in slippy settings, the M10 will bring you to a complete stop from 15 mph in less than 5.0 meters (4.9 to be exact).

Turboant M10 Rear Disc Brake

Certain aspects of the M10’s blueprint also make it particularly well-suited to rainy conditions. Its single motor has been mounted at the rear. Not only does this give the M10 an improved acceleration rate, but it increases traction, which is vital for riding in less forthcoming conditions.

Wide, spacious decks are another key contributor to a scooter’s water resistance profile. While the M10’s deck isn’t particularly wide (it measures just 6 inches) or boasts much clearance (it’s 4.1 inches off the ground), it’s grippy. The deck is layered with vertical strips of ribbed rubber – so it’s perfect for keeping you vertical on wet-weather excursions.

Turboant M10 Deck

Oh, and let’s not forget how instrumental a good rear fender is on rain-filled rides. A bad fender, after all, will leave you with dirt and water splattered across your back. Luckily, the M10’s rear fender cuts the mustard. Made of robust reinforced plastic, it engulfs the rear wheel giving you full protection from filthy splashback.

Turboant M10 Cockpit

Further Information:

Turboant M10 Review

Under $600:

Turboant X7 Max

Christmas Sale: Save $100 | Was: $599.98 | Now: $499.98

 at Turboant

Turboant X7 Max
Best Waterproof Electric Scooter Under $600
Water Resistance Rating:
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

The Turboant X7 Max may be water-resistant – but it’s certainly not resistant to the needs of the modern rider. Low maintenance, nimble, and durable, this miniature motorboat looks good and rides better.

Its everyday credentials are crowned off by a detachable battery pack, which adds C, D, and E to your possibilities beyond A and B, while a grippy deck and responsive dual braking system ensure that even the wettest conditions are water off a duck’s back.

Josh With Turboant X7 Max

The only surprise? The X7 Max is available for a paltry $599.98.

Turboant X7 Max Sleek Chassis

With everything it has to offer, it’s no surprise that it was voted by thousands of scooter fans as the Best Overall Electric Scooter and the Best Electric Scooter for Adults in our annual Electric Scooter Insider Awards.

Why We Recommend It:

So, let’s get right to it: the X7 Max is designed from top to bottom for city life; cities, however, can sometimes be wet and dreary places. It’s no good having a scooter you can only jump on in sunlight – that’s about as useful as lifestyle advice from the Kardashians. Good job, then, that the Max comes with an IPX4 water resistance rating – which, as you may recall, makes the scooter resistant to splashes from any direction.

Turboant X7 Max Sleek Frame

But that’s not all; the X7 Max boasts a build and ride quality that constitutes a middle finger to rain. Its large deck is coated in a grippy, stippled silicone surface, making it sticky in wet conditions, while the rear fender curls around the wheel to keep muddy puddles off your back. There’s even a responsive taillight sitting slightly proudly atop the fender. This lets other road users know when you’re slowing down or coming to a stop – something that comes in handy when rain renders visibility poor.

Turboant X7 Max Rear Fender

The X7 Max is the product of Turboant listening to feedback on the legendary X7 Pro, so you can be assured that this is a scooter with pedigree. With a taller stem and longer deck (that’s also now tapered), it’s bigger and better than its predecessor. As a result, it boasts a build and ride quality that outstrips Turboant’s earlier model. The extra 2.5 inches in handlebar height makes the scooter easier to maneuver, while the elongated deck is more spacious, allowing you to find a comfortable stance. The deck is also coated in a grippy, stippled silicone surface, making it sticky, rather than slippery.

Turboant X7 Max Tapered Deck

The 10-inch pneumatic tires contribute heavily to a palpable improvement in handling and stability, too. Their large profile not only outstrips that of similarly-priced models that have 8.5-inch tires, but they offer ample ground cover to avoid skidding on wet surfaces and shock absorption from bumpy terrain. That said, the tread on the tires is shallow, so you need to be careful not to push the scooter too hard around corners. This is advice we would dish out when talking about the majority of scooters, mind you.

Turboant X7 Max Tire Tread

One of the most headline-grabbing features on the X7 Max is its 10A detachable battery, which comes with a key lock and has been upgraded with new drivetrain hardware to usurp the Pro’s 30-mile ambit with an even more impressive maximum range of 32 miles (or 18 miles in realistic conditions). And because it’s removable, you can easily double your range with an extra battery pack ($219.98). Weighing around 15 lbs, you can chuck it in your backpack and swap it out when the one in use runs dry. Expect a recharge time of around 4-6 hours.

Turboant X7 Max Battery Being Detached

Sure, the Max’s single 350W motor isn’t going to trouble the likes of more powerful waterproof electric scooters like the Apollo Air, EMOVE Cruiser, or even the mighty Mantis King GT, but with a top speed of 20 mph, the Max is an everyday scooter that has enough bite to satisfy the vast majority of first-time riders. Besides, the X7 Max manages to beat more expensive entry-level scooters – like the GoTrax GMAX Ultra – off the line with an acceleration rate that takes you from a standstill to 15 mph in 6.9 seconds. (For context, the GMAX Ultra takes 8.0 seconds and costs $849).

Turboant X7 Max Thumb Throttle

Controlling the Max’s speed is another area that deserves attention. On the X7 Pro, the rear fender doubled as a stomp brake; however, with the Max, this is no longer the case. Turboant listened to customers’ concerns that the fender brake was damaging their rear tires and removed it. The braking system now consists of a rear disc brake and a front electronic brake, which together deliver a responsive stop come rain or shine.

Turboant X7 Max Disc Brake

During our brake tests, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the new X7 Max outperformed the Pro by 40%. While the X7 Pro took 5.0 meters to stop from 15 mph, the X7 Max took just 3.0 meters. After further investigation, we found that the brake pads on the new model were better calibrated. As a result, the X7 Max’s brakes are better suited to riding in the rain where reliable stopping power is needed.

Elsewhere, the Max sports a significantly upgraded folding mechanism where a hook on the back of the handlebars loops into a latch on the rear fender for easy carrying.

Turboant X7 Max Folded Frame

It’s also one of the most accessible scooters we’ve tested, which is why we awarded it the Best Electric Scooter of the Year for Adults. Weighing just 34 lbs but coming with a load capacity of 275 lbs, it’s great for lighter and heavier riders alike.

Turboant X7 Max Front Wheel

There’s a reason why the Turboant X7 Max is our best waterproof electric scooter under $600: it represents fantastic value for money for anyone who wants a reliable, versatile everyday set of wheels that they won’t have to replace after one rendezvous with a puddle.

Close Up of Turboant X7 Max Handlebars

Under $800:

Turboant V8

Christmas Sale: Save $150 | Was: $799.98 | Now: $649.98

 at Turboant

Turboant V8
Best Waterproof Electric Scooter Under $800
Water Resistance Rating:
The Good:
The Bad:

Equipped with an IP54 water resistance rating, stable handling, and a tank-like frame, the Turboant V8 is an ideal choice if you live in an area notorious for wet and windy days (i.e. Seattle).

Josh on Turboant V8

The latest model from the budget scooter gurus at Turboant isn’t going to win any Miss Scooter pageants – but the V8 is a classic case of beauty not being skin deep. Its robust design, rear suspension, and 9.3-inch pneumatic tires deliver the best ride quality of any scooter in the Turboant range, while its game-changing dual batteries – including one that’s detachable – deliver a truly show-stopping maximum range of 50 miles.

Priced at $799.98, the only water you’ll bat an eyelid at while riding this urban trailblazer is the tears of joy rolling down your face.

Turboant V8 Geometric Chassis

Why We Recommend It:

If you hadn’t noticed yet, Turboant is a brand that takes water seriously. Predictably, the V8 is safe from pesky splashes in any direction and light showers. As a nice bonus, its inner workings are also protected from dust ingress, hence the ‘5’ in the IP54 rating.

Turboant V8 Frame From Rear

Yet, it’s not just the IP rating that distinguishes the Turboant V8 as a fantastic wet-weather friend. You get a disc and electronic brake duo which, together, bring you to a complete stop from 15 mph in 4.7 meters; a large deck with a grippy rubber surface and kickplate; and handlebars that are 3.4 inches wider than those found on its sibling, the X7 Max. These all enhance the scooter’s handling in rougher conditions.

Front of Turboant V8 Handlebars

With a 20 mph top speed and a 450W motor, the V8 isn’t going to turn any heads with its speed. It can go from 0 to 15 mph in 6.3 seconds, which is fractionally faster than the X7 Max, but on the whole, its 48 lbs of weight and chunky frame have a slightly limiting effect when it comes to power. The same is true of its performance on hills; you’ll be ok trotting up some of the gentler slopes, but there will be a significant drop in performance if you try anything steeper.

Turboant V8 Motor

But the V8 is, at heart, a long-range scooter so we can let this slide. Especially when its dual batteries are factored in. While the detachable pack continues a proud lineage started by forerunners – the X7 Pro and X7 Max – this model takes it even further by storing a second battery in the deck. The result is a maximum range of 50 miles (or 25 miles under realistic conditions). And don’t forget, this can be increased with a spare. For a scooter priced at less than $800, this is genuinely eye-popping.

Turboant V8 Removable Battery

Another feather to its cap is the fact the V8 is the only Turboant scooter that comes equipped with suspension. The dual rear springs and 9.3-inch air-filled tires make it the most comfortable scooter to ride in the brand’s entire range.

And not only do the large tires provide a shock-absorbing cushion of air; but they also significantly improve your safety in wet conditions by supplying added grip and ground cover. This is due to their rounded profile, as well as the deep, three-dimensional tread pattern. They’re a noticeable improvement on the tires that come with most budget scooters, including the X7 Max.

Turboant V8 Rear Tire

While the V8 may look big and clunky, this makes it perform better in scattier conditions. Because the scooter’s weight is spread across the bulky stem and deck, it has a more even distribution than what you’ll find on other models – particularly the top-heavy X7 Max. The V8’s carefully balanced structure and wide handlebars provide excellent handling and mean you feel just as secure riding down a wet street as you do a dry one. As for the chassis, well, what else could you expect from Turboant than a waterproof aluminum-alloy construction that wouldn’t look amiss on a tank?

Turboant V8 Thick Frame

Now, nobody wants to stand in a downpour trying to fold their scooter. Thanks to the 5-second folding mechanism, you’ll be safely indoors quicker than Bobby in accounts can ensnare you at the water cooler with inane small talk about the weather.

On the V8’s wide handlebars you’ll find an ergonomic thumb throttle, a bell, the single brake lever, and a centrally mounted, hexagonally-shaped LED display. As well as being attractively shaped, the display stands out for its responsive interface. Either side of the screen responds to your input on the throttle and brake to show how hard you’re pushing them.

Turboant V8 Display

You also get insights into your speed, riding mode, and readouts of both batteries. This is an excellent unit but it suffers from being too dim.

When it comes to the other areas of the V8’s frame that are lit, it sports a 3W high-mounted headlight, a taillight, and various smaller ambient lights. Combined, it represents a huge improvement on all the previous models that Turboant has released.

Turboant V8 With Lights On at Night

If you prioritize substance over style, the Turboant V8 is an exceptionally capable scooter. It’s an everyday workhorse that brings flashes of brilliance to the budget waterproof electric scooter category.

Best waterproof scooter under $800? You can bet your umbrella on it.

Turboant V8 Geometric Fender

Further Information:

Turboant V8 Review

Intermediate Waterproof Electric Scooters

Under $1,000:

Apollo Air 2022

Christmas Sale: Save $200 | Was: $1,199 | Now: $999
Apollo Air - Electric Scooter Insider Awards
Best Waterproof Electric Scooter Under $1000
Water Resistance Rating:
The Good:
The Bad:

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing our Best Waterproof Electric Scooter of the Year: the Apollo Air 2022.

Why such a lofty accolade? Well, for starters, there’s its IP54 water-resistance rating. But this is a mere précis to the Air 2022’s overall brilliance, which encompasses a new anti-corrosive, graphite-painted frame; a protective cap for the charging port; and significantly improved cable management. Combined, these features send rain and dust scampering for cover.

Josh on Apollo Air 2022

The Apollo Air 2022 is the summation of everything we loved about the Air Pro 2021 but finessed in practically every way. Once again, Apollo has taken feedback on board and delivered a sequel that is worth every dime of its $999 price tag.

Side Profile of Apollo Air 2022 vs Apollo Air 2021

Why We Recommend It:

The Air 2022 doesn’t care for superfluous frills and tassels. It’s not fussed about earning heart emojis on Instagram. No, this scooter has one purpose: to deliver an outstanding level of performance that doesn’t demand anything from its riders.

We’ve touched upon its waterproofing credentials already, but they’re worth revisiting as they encapsulate the Air 2022’s razor-sharp focus on function.

Apollo Air 2022 Tire and Suspension

The frame is now coated in an oil-based graphite paint that, crucially, is anti-corrosive and therefore less prone to degradation from external conditions. This is a huge upgrade on its predecessors – and indeed most scooters, full stop.

Apollo Air 2022 Graphite Paint and Logo on Stem

And then there’s the cable management. One issue with the Air Pro 2021 was that its wiring was liable to overhang, which made it more vulnerable to general wear and tear as well as encroaching splashes. This is now a thing of the past: all the cables are tightly threaded through the frame to eliminate any issues.

Apollo Air 2022 Sleek Chassis

Even in the smallest details, it’s clear that Apollo has prioritized everyday durability. The charging port for its 36V 15Ah battery now comes with a protective cap that safeguards it against any meddlesome water droplets and dust. It might sound small, but trust me when I say this is a vital feature.

Apollo Air 2022 Charging Port

Most aspects of the scooter’s design attest to its wet weather spurs. The rear fender is built generously to protect the back of your jacket, while an LED setup (which includes both a headlight and taillight) keeps you visible in overcast and foggy conditions.

Apollo Air 2022 Rear Fender

The battery, incidentally, boasts 44% more power compared to the one sported by the Air Pro 2021. It also now has 21700 cells to call upon instead of 18650 cells, which translates into better quality, more capacity, and a higher energy density. The result is a maximum range of 31 miles – or 23 miles under realistic conditions (vs the previous Air Pro’s 18 miles).

The beefed-up performance credentials don’t end there, though. Armed with a new 500W motor that supersedes 2021’s 350W offering, the Air 2022 can hit a top speed of 21 mph and accelerate from 0-15 mph in 5.7 seconds – 20% faster than its older sibling. As a nifty little extra, you can dial up its accelerative power using Apollo’s integrated mobile app.

Apollo City 2022 Mobile App

Did we mention that the Air 2022 offers the best ride quality in its class? Well, this is Apollo. The dual fork front suspension is unseen on models in its price category; better still, the scooter sports a pair of pneumatic 10-inch tires, which provide the traction and much-needed ground cover needed to stay upright in wetter, slippier conditions. Together, the tires and suspension deliver superb shock absorption.

Apollo Air 2022 Plush Tire

The Air 2022’s handling is further bolstered by the spacious deck, which is sufficiently grippy to ensure your feet stay put, no matter how perilous the weather. Elsewhere, the widened handlebars and ergonomic controls do a great job of maximizing your control.

Close Up of Apollo Air 2022 Rubber Deck Matting

But of course, a powerful, all-weather scooter needs some stonking brakes. As usual, Apollo has you covered. The Air 2022 comes with a mechanical drum brake on the front wheel that works in cahoots with a regenerative brake on the rear; together, they produce a balanced stop from 15 mph in just 3.4 meters, beating many other competitors in its price class. Previous versions of the Air activated both brakes with a single lever, but the 2022 model features a separate thumb paddle for the regenerative brake.

Apollo Air 2022 Cockpit

The Air 2022 isn’t the cheapest everyday scooter, but you get exactly what you pay for. That includes a unique LED display, cruise control, and an in-built smart power management system to safeguard your scooter’s battery from overheating and short-circuiting.

Apollo Air 2022 Frame

Plus, the one-click folding mechanism is extremely intuitive, while among some other nifty design features is a retractable kickstand that tucks nimbly away under the deck’s lip, allowing for a streamlined aesthetic that is unmatched by other models.

Apollo Air 2022 Folded Frame

As for its aesthetics, there’s just one visible seam where different parts of the frame’s metalwork have been joined. The frame is flowing, futuristic, and forward-thinking – you’ll look the part, whether soaking in the sun’s rays or soaking in an unforeseen downpour.

When you bite the bullet and spring for the Apollo Air 2022, you’re not just getting any old scooter; you’re securing a model with a rich history and superb pedigree. You’re placing your mitts on what we can only describe as the Rolls Royce of waterproof scooters – and through that lens, $999 is a bargain.

Apollo Air 2022 Rear Motor

Under $1,500:

EMOVE Cruiser

Christmas Sale: Save $150 | Was: $1,499 | Now: $1,349 (Use code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
Emove Cruiser
Best Waterproof Electric Scooter Under $1500
Water Resistance Rating:
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

The EMOVE Cruiser is scooter royalty.

Look at our other guides, and you’ll see its name every way you turn. Best long-range scooters, best commuter scooters, best heavy-duty models for heavy adults…this thing is everywhere. And for good reason.

The Cruiser is the all-rounder of all-rounders and offers so much more than its IPX6 rating.

Usually, scooters come with some form of compromise. There are fast ones that sacrifice range, or long-range beasts that lack bite. Other models double down on the power but at the expense of portability. The EMOVE Cruiser does it all, making it one of the most well-rounded waterproof electric scooters.

Side Profile of EMOVE Cruiser Car-Grade Tires

Why We Recommend It:

Firstly, it boasts a considerable 30 mph of top speed, plus a staggering 62 miles of range – a feat unmatched in its price class (or anywhere near its class).

Speaking of records, the Cruiser’s 352 lbs load-bearing capacity (that is, the amount of rider weight it can support) holds the title of being the biggest in our database of over 140+ electric scooters.

Close Up of EMOVE Cruiser Deck

Plus, the Cruiser refuses to cut corners in the portability stakes. It comes kitted out with pretty much the full gamut: foldable handlebars, a telescopic stem, and a simple cantilevered folding mechanism.

EMOVE Cruiser Fully Folded

Yep – the EMOVE Cruiser has thought of everything. It’s no surprise, then, that it also boasts an IPX6 water resistance rating. This makes the Cruiser resistant to high-pressure, heavy sprays of water. This IP rating is one of the best on the market.

Riding in the rain means slippery roads, and slippery roads require excellent brakes. Luckily, the Cruiser delivers high-quality semi-hydraulic brakes at the front and rear. Together with its electronic braking system, the dual 140 mm rotors bring you to a safe stop within 3.4 meters from 15 mph. This represents good stopping performance, although it’s a shame not to see an E-ABS (electronic anti-lock braking system) in place to prevent skidding.

EMOVE Cruiser Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake

Moving onto comfort, the Cruiser leaves no stone unturned. Boasting large front springs paired with dual air shocks at the rear, its shock absorption package is a premium one. On top of this, the Cruiser doubles down on the pneumatics, with a couple of 10-inch air-filled tires that insulate you from the bumps and bruises of inhospitable terrain.

EMOVE Cruiser Front Plush Air-Filled Tire

In terms of build quality, the Cruiser ticks every box – durability, dependability, and dynamism. It’s made of a lightweight (yet sturdy) aluminum alloy, with a frame that folds neatly and is plenty forgiving – particularly for taller riders, or ones with stockier builds.

EMOVE Cruiser Full Frame

Take the Cruiser’s wide, long deck for instance. It’s super spacious, allowing you to strike a comfortable stance to match the ample width of the handlebars. This, of course, comes in handy where wet weather is concerned – although the two thin narrow strips of grip tape covering the deck certainly represent room for improvement.

EMOVE Cruiser Ultra-Wide Deck

You won’t have to worry about splashback, though. The rear fender smothers the back wheel, catching any displaced debris before it can get to your clothes.

EMOVE Cruiser Rear Lights

Alongside its already impressive performance, a battery voltmeter, turn signals, and a battery management system, allow the Cruiser to excel on all fronts. Whether the sky outside is desert-dry or drizzle-dominated, the EMOVE Cruiser prevails to deliver a safe, secure ride.

Josh with the EMOVE Cruiser

Under $2,000:

Apollo Phantom 52V

Christmas Sale: Save $400 | Was: $2,299 | Now: $1,899

BOGO DEAL: Apollo Phantom + FREE Apollo Air 2021 for $2,099 (Was: $2,998) – Save $899

BOGO DEAL: Apollo Phantom + FREE INOKIM Light 2 for $2,199 (Was: $3,198) – Save $999 with code: GIFTLIGHT

Apollo Phantom
Best Waterproof Electric Scooter Under $2000
Water Resistance Rating:
The Good:
The Bad:

If the Apollo Air gave us a fleeting glimpse of the aesthetic wonders that the brand is capable of, the Phantom gives us a good, long look.

With an IP54 water resistance rating, quadruple springs, and a plus-sized frame, everything about the Phantom oozes class. Expect top-tier performance and ultimate reliability – no matter the conditions.

Why We Recommend It:

Taking the best elements of its wildly popular predecessors, the Phantom merges them with an all-new proprietary design. Flaunting a never-before-seen HEX display panel and a black/gunmetal gray color scheme, the Phantom is truly one of a kind.

Apollo Phantom Frame

But this is a guide to waterproof scooters, so let’s stop cooing over its uniqueness for a moment and get down to the nitty-gritty.

Indeed, with all that effort going into Apollo’s design and manufacturing process, the scooter’s IP54 rating almost goes without saying. It’ll safeguard your scooter from multi-directional water spray, and give you confidence that a rain-dappled sojourn won’t leave your Phantom floundering in limbo.

Apollo Phantom Rear Fender, Disc Brake, Swingarm, and Kickplate

And the benefits of the build for water resistance don’t stop there. Think of the huge, angular tire huggers brooding over the scooter’s wheels, for instance, or the deck, which – measuring 20 by 8.5 inches – matches those on top scooters like the Wolf King GT for size. Covered in texturized, easy-clean silicon, and with deep grooves, it offers superb grip, space, and stability in spades.

Apollo Phantom Logo on the Deck

Dig a little deeper into the Phantom’s design and build quality, and you’ll see that just about everything is protected. The charging ports, for instance, are safeguarded from collisions and scrapes by a protruding kickstand. Internally, the ports’ circuits are protected from water damage by a fuse, while heat sinks and a smart battery management system regulate the temperature of the motors and battery, respectively.

Close up of Apollo Phantom Charging Ports

The Phantom was built using a precise CNC manufacturing process, and its stem and neck have been reinforced for an extra dose of durability. What’s more, simple plug-and-play connectors make it easy to replace or repair electrical components, while three independent folding mechanisms make stem wobble a thing of the past.

Apollo Phantom Plug and Play Electrical Connections

So, what else ensures that the Phantom is well-suited for wet weather? Well, there’s its revolutionary quadruple spring suspension. Never seen before on any scooter, it delivers a buttery-smooth ride that can be adjusted; you simply loosen or tighten the springs to match the terrain and conditions. For instance, when it's bone-dry and you want to hit top speeds, you can tighten the springs for a more sporty ride. On the other hand, when it's wet out, you can loosen the springs to minimize wheel spin and skidding.

Apollo Phantom Dual Rear Springs

Wielding dual 1200W motors that summon a peak output of 3200W, the Phantom is capable of ghoulish power. It can hit a top speed of 38 mph and accelerate from 0-15 mph in a breakneck 2.5 seconds, all while reducing steep inclines to an irrelevance.

What’s more, it carries a 52V 23.4Ah battery that delivers a maximum range of 40 miles, or under realistic, wetter conditions, 25 miles. Because this unit is of the high-quality Dynavolt variety, it will last you a lot longer than inferior packs. There’s no deterioration in performance for up to 500 charge cycles. With a fast charger, you can have your battery fully re-charged in 6 hours.

Apollo Phantom Heat Sinks on Motor

With all this power comes the need for safety; thankfully, the Phantom’s mechanical brakes have you covered. If you feel like spending an extra $150 you can opt for the Nutt hydraulic variants, but the regular discs still do a great job. There’s no anti-lock braking system, but the existing setup will bring you to a safe stop in a startlingly effective 3.4 meters from 15 mph. This is a result of the smooth effects of the large 160 mm rotors. With larger discs, you’ll benefit from even more braking control – allowing you to stop with enhanced precision.

Apollo Phantom Rear Disc Brake

Complete with a set of knockout lights that illuminate the darkest of alleyways, as well as a horn, ergonomic thumb throttle, and intuitive display that guarantees visibility in all conditions, the Phantom is an outstanding all-rounder that’s been built with safety and control in mind.

Apollo Phantom Handlebars

Further Information:

Apollo Phantom Review

Expert Waterproof Electric Scooters

Under $3,000:

Mantis King GT

Christmas Sale: Save $350 | Was: $2,495 | Now: $2,145 (Use code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
Mantis King GT
Best Waterproof Electric Scooter Under $3000
Water Resistance Rating:
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

With the release of the Mantis King GT, Kaabo has taken a line of scooters that was already resetting the boundaries of what’s possible to new extremes.

It marries vicious power with refined style, serving the role of both aesthetic, urbane wonder and robust, everyday monster.

Dramatic Shot of Mantis King GT Frame

Equipped with an IPX5 water-resistance rating, best-in-class hydraulic brakes, expansively wide handlebars, a huge deck, and an inbuilt steering damper, the GT is a performance scooter that laughs in the face of April showers.

Mantis King GT Full Chassis

Why We Recommend It:

With its IPX5 water resistance rating, the Mantis GT King is protected against low-pressure water jets from any direction. This is the same rating that was awarded to the popular Mantis V2; it’s also a significant step forward from the previous Mantis models that came with no IP rating at all.

Mantis King GT Hybrid Tire

In fact, it quickly becomes apparent that this is a scooter designed with inclement weather in mind. There are myriad features fashioned to keep the water out, therefore ensuring you can reach the impressive 43 mph top speed that its snarling dual 1100W motors can conjure come rain or shine.

Mantis King GT 1100W Motor

These features include a spacious deck with an edge-to-edge anti-slip rubber surface; a curved kickplate; and enlarged 26-inch wide handlebars that come with an inbuilt steering damper. Together, these design components maximize handling and maneuverability, endowing you with more control if the clouds burst.

Mantis King Wide-Spanning Handlebars

Another vital feature is the best-in-class Zoom hydraulic disc brakes. Not only are these ultra-responsive; but they’re ideal for bringing you to a swift yet safe stop in the rain. The set-up will bring you to a complete stop from 15 mph in a mere 2.9 meters. This is a fantastically short braking distance, and noticeably sharper than the revered Wolf King GT.

Mantis King GT Front Hydraulic Disc Brake

Such braking performance is all the more important when you factor in the GT’s brute power. Armed with 30A Sine Wave controllers, it can whizz to 15 mph from zero in a whiplashing 1.9 seconds. Crucially, however, the controllers smooth out the throttle response to eliminate jerky movements.

Mantis King GT Thumb Throttle

The Mantis King GT’s success in the wet weather can partially be credited to its 74 lbs weight, which hits a sweet spot for damp roads. It’s heavy enough to increase your traction and stability, while simultaneously not being unwieldy and difficult to maneuver.

Josh With Mantis King GT

Traction is amplified by the terrain-agnostic 10-inch hybrid tires, which come with a deep tread pattern to maximize grip and shock absorption. These pneumatic wonders dovetail effectively with the dual hydraulic suspension system, which you can adjust to fit your weight, terrain, and weather conditions. The result is a ride that’s akin to sliding a hot knife through butter.

Mantis King GT Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension

None of this excellence would be possible without the formidable Samsung 60V 24Ah battery, of course. Channeling all the power from its 21700 cells, you can expect a monumental maximum range of 56 miles off one charge, or 38 miles if you’re pushing the motors to their limit. Almost as equally impressive is the surprisingly short 6-hour charge time that comes courtesy of the dual charging ports.

Mantis King GT M16 Charge Port

Another of the Mantis GT’s unique selling points is its intersection between performance and portability. Yes, 74 lbs isn’t exactly light, but its ultra-efficient folding mechanism means you won’t be fumbling around in the rain like Mr Bean trying to get it to fold. You’ll be ready to stow it in your trunk or garage in no time, though lugging it up more than a couple of flights of stairs may elicit a back spasm if you’re not careful.

Mantis King GT Folding Mechanism

The GT also comes with a veritable smorgasbord of extra features, including an anti-glare TFT display that remains easy to read whatever the weather. Through it, you can personalize your riding experience to be better suited to the conditions (i.e. you can control the power delivery to each motor).

Mantis King GT Display

There’s a convenient button pad that lets you easily access your headlight, turn signals, and horn, too. You’ll also find that the thumb throttle is exceptionally ergonomic, which makes a huge difference when it comes to controlling your speed – especially compared to the finger throttle that’s found on other Mantis models. Your speed can be further moderated by switching between single/dual motor and eco/turbo mode.

Mantis King GT Button Console

It was never really in doubt that the Mantis King GT would be a knock-out. This is a Kaabo scooter after all, which can only mean ingenuity, quality, and style. Once again, the brand has blown our expectations out of the water with this well-executed upgrade. The enhanced features, exceptionally rendered build, and IPX5 water-resistance rating makes it one of the best waterproof electric scooters.

Mantis King GT Lights

Further Information:

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Under $3,500:

NAMI Burn-e 2

Christmas Sale: Save $370 | Was: $3,699 | Now: $3,329 (Use code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10)

BOGO DEAL: NAMI Burn-e 2 + FREE Mosquito for $3,699 (Was: $4,698) – Save $999 with code: GIFTMSQ

NAMI Burn-e 2
Best Waterproof Electric Scooter Over $3500
Water Resistance Rating:
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

One of the only scooters to boast not one, but two water-resistance ratings, the NAMI Burn-e 2 doesn’t do anything by halves.

Built to a blueprint unlike anything the scooter industry’s ever seen before, the Burn-e 2 is made for maximum performance regardless of the weather. From its industry-leading adjustable suspension system; to its next-gen control panel that allows you to customize every facet of the ride; to its outstanding power and braking performance, the Burn-e 2 excels in every single area.

If it’s the absolute pinnacle of design and engineering you’re looking for, this scooter’s $3,399 price tag will end up feeling like a drop in the ocean.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Tubular Frame

Why We Recommend It:

We could start with any number of high-water marks in scooter design that you’ll find on the NAMI Burn-e 2, but for the sake of this guide, let’s get straight to its waterproof credentials.

Just like the Wolf King GT, the Burn-e 2 doubles down on the water-resistance ratings. Firstly, the scooter boasts an overall IP55 certification – a rating that provides equal parts moisture and ingress protection and safeguards the frame against low-pressure water jets from any direction.

Josh on the NAMI Burn-e 2

Secondly, its key components – which include the display, connectors, and controllers – are subject to an IP67 certification. This means they are protected from sustained immersion in water, essentially freeing you to ride the Burn-e 2 in any weather – without fear for your scooter, its warranty, or your safety. This is the first time we’ve ever seen an IP67 rating, so it’s fair to say that the Burn-e 2 is breaking new ground.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Cockpit

But this is a scooter that revels in bringing innovation to the market. Case in point: while most performance scooters have 52V or 60V motors, the Burn-e 2 is the first to wield dual 72V – yep, 72V – 1000W titans. Predictably, this translates into awe-inspiring power that wouldn’t feel out of place on a motorbike.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rear Motor

Take, for example, its combustible top speed of 45 mph, or its brutal acceleration rate of 0-15 mph in 1.8 seconds. The Burn-e 2 is the smaller, less powerful version of the Burn-e 2 Max – but you don’t notice the difference until you shift beyond 25 mph. The Max also costs significantly more – $4,690.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Front Disc Brake

Does all that sound a little terrifying? Well, here’s where the 30A Sine Wave controllers enter proceedings. They smooth out the accelerative forces exploding from those motors to create a sense of control and serenity, no matter how hard you push the throttle.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Thumb Throttle

What’s more, the Burn-e 2 wields LOGAN hydraulic brakes that are quite simply the best we’ve ever tested. They bring you to a complete stop from 15 mph in a bone-shuddering 1.8 meters – so be warned: these are exceptionally sharp and responsive. You need to exercise caution on the levers.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Handlebars

Offering stability in wet weather conditions – or on less predictable off-road trails – are the large 11-inch tires. Tubeless in their design and, again, among the best we’ve tested, they provide shock absorption and security in spades, with a contact patch that increases not only traction and handling ability, but braking performance, too.

NAMI Burn-e 2 PMT Tire

You will, however, need to pre-order the PMT variants or else the scooter will come with standard nylon tires. Whilst they are still admirable performers, the difference in terms of grip and traction is substantial.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rear Tire

Working in glorious harmony with the tires is the peerless adjustable suspension system. Think you know buttery-smooth? Well, the rebounding and damping on offer here is extraterrestrial. You can tinker with the springs to fit your exact weight, which – when paired with the large, grippy deck and satisfyingly wide handlebars – make it a profoundly comfortable and secure ride.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rebound Dial

The NAMI Burn-e 2’s build quality is unmatched. From those 27-inch wide handlebars and the option to add a steering damper; to the ergonomic controls, aviation-grade frame, and kickplate that moonlights as a lifting handle: this scooter has rewritten the rulebook on what it means to design a model optimized for handling and maneuverability.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Steering Damper From Above

And there’s yet another area of its performance that demands our appreciation. Courtesy of a gargantuan 72V 28Ah battery, the Burn-e 2 boasts a ridiculous range of 90 miles off a single charge. It doesn’t matter whether it’s wet out, or bone dry: if you’re riding the NAMI, you won’t have to worry about having enough juice in the tank to get you home when the heavens open. Expect a recharge time of 6-8 hours, which obliterates the 16-20 hours it takes less worthy batteries of a similar size to recharge.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Charging Ports Open

Heavy rain can obscure visibility, so a good lighting setup goes a long way toward a scooter’s overall wet weather profile. This model doesn’t do just ‘good’, however: it only deals with ‘incredible’. You guessed it – its lighting rig is one of this scooter’s strengths. Spearheaded by a ridiculously bright 2000-lumen headlight, and supported by turn signals and deck-embedded mood LEDs, you have excellent visibility and are easy to spot in water-logged traffic, too.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Light Package

You even have the ability to create your own riding modes via the next-gen display. Here, you can tweak every conceivable p-setting you can imagine (i.e. cap the top speed, increase the intensity of the regen brakes, alter the amount of power funneled to each motor independently, and so on). This delivers a uniquely high level of customization possibilities, which could prove important if weather conditions deteriorate. For instance, say you live in a hilly area, you may want to funnel more power to the front motor than the rear to pull you up steep inclines and avoid wheel-spinning.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Display

There’s not one single chink in the NAMI Burn-e 2’s armor. It’s the cutting edge of ultra-performance – and, if you ask me, better value for money than the Burn-e 2 Max. If it’s brain-melting power and sumptuous ride quality that floats your boat, this luxury yacht on wheels will leave you purring whatever the weather.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Imposing Frame

Further Information:

NAMI Burn-e 2 Review

Under $4,000:

Wolf King GT

Christmas Sale: Save $650 | Was: $3,795 | Now: $3,145 (Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
Wolf King GT
Best Waterproof Electric Scooter Under $4000
Water Resistance Rating:
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

It looks similar to the original Wolf King, but don’t let that gold paint job fool you – the GT is an entirely different beast.

Not only is it more resistant to water than its predecessor (IPX5, rather than IPX4), it introduces several welcome design flourishes. It’s faster, too, and goes further – not to mention retaining everything we love about the enduringly iconic model it improves on.

If you have the extra budget to spend and want a ferocious scooter that laughs in the face of rainno matter the terrain – the GT will be the perfect fit.

Josh on the Wolf King GT

Why We Recommend It:

If you’re going to take one of the most well-known, well-loved models and re-release it, the newbie has got to be good.

Kaabo – the manufacturer of the GT and its forebearer, the Wolf King – knew this. So, they didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. Literally – not only are the King GT’s wheels the same size as its predecessor, but the new-and-improved version retains the same style, color scheme, and dual tubular stem design that made the original an instant hit.

Wolf King GT Front Wheel and Disc Brake

The GT knows what to retain and what to reinvigorate. For one, it ups the water-resistance ante of the original King from IPX4 to IPX5 – offering resistance to sustained, low-pressure jets of water, rather than splashes alone. The GT goes one better, though. It kits its controller box out with a superior IPX6 rating, which can withstand high-pressure jets.

Wolf King GT Controller Box

The King also does away with its predecessor’s MiniMotors EY3 display, replacing it with a water-resistant TFT unit.

Wolf King GT Bright and Clever Display

Durable and equipped with anti-glare technology, you’ll get quick insights into your speed, distance traveled, and remaining battery life – without having to compete with the sun for visibility. This display is also password-protected, in full color, and with an auto-dimmer to save battery. On top of this, a set of tactile button controls and an ergonomic thumb throttle make sure that comfort – as well as water resistance – is on the menu.

Wolf King GT Thumb Throttle

Safety, meanwhile, is the main course. The tried-and-tested hydraulic brakes – the same as we see on the original model – will bring you to a stop from 15 mph in just 3.0 meters. An anti-lock braking system helps prevent skidding when performing emergency stops and adds to the GT’s robust wet-weather credentials.

Wolf King GT Brake Lever

For those interested, the anti-lock braking system, otherwise known as ABS, works by sensing when the wheels are about to lock. It then rapidly reduces and increases the braking pressure multiple times per second, applying optimal pressure. This allows the wheels to keep moving as the scooter slows down, instead of locking up. Plus, thanks to their increased width of 3 mm, the rotors of the brakes won’t bend, warp, or fade, meaning you can always rely on them.

Wolf King GT Chassis

Another thing you can rely on the GT for is comfort. Like the original model, the plush 11-inch tires soak up the worst of the jarring jolts that unpredictable surfaces can throw at you. There’s also the option to interchange a set of off-road tires. You can have these pre-installed when you check out. Both sets of tires are equipped with anti-puncture technology, too, meaning the GT requires far less maintenance than other ultra-performance models.

Wolf King GT Front Tire

The GT, does, however, replicate the shock absorption setup of its predecessor, with hydraulic front suspension accompanying rear dual springs. If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.

Wolf King GT Motorcycle-Grade Suspension

One major difference between the GT and its predecessor, though, is the size of its frame. The GT’s handlebars are both wider and taller. This makes it a superb fit for taller, heavier, or simply bigger-boned riders (many of whom are excluded by the dimensions of the lion’s share of electric scooters). The ample room that these handlebars offer significantly increases the level of handling – something you need when exploring less predictable terrain and unforgiving conditions.

Wolf King GT and Wolf Warrior Handlebars

Last but not least, the savagely fierce torque of the dual 2000W motors can be controlled via 6 riding modes (eco, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). This helps you to maintain control while accelerating. As soon as the clouds break and the sun glares, though, you can turn the power dial up to the max to make the most of the utterly absurd acceleration rate that’ll take you from 0-15 mph in just 1.7 seconds, followed by 25 mph in 3.0 seconds, before hitting the 62 mph top speed.

Wolf King GT Front Motor

Factor in the long-range that the GT offers (70 miles max and 55 miles under realistic conditions), and this is one sequel that tops the original. It’s a little more demanding on your wallet, sure – but if you’re serious about scooters and performance, you’ll find that the GT is worth every cent.

Wolf King GT Powerful Lights at Night

By Performance

Our Top Picks by Speed

Ordered from fastest to slowest.
Scooter Price Top Speed
Wolf King GT $3,595 62 MPH
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 45 MPH
Mantis King GT $2,495 43 MPH
Apollo Phantom $1,899 38 MPH
EMOVE Cruiser $1,499 30 MPH
Apollo Air 2022 $999 21 MPH
Turboant X7 Max $600 20 MPH
Turboant V8 $800 20 MPH
Turboant M10 $450 20 MPH

Our Top Picks by Acceleration to 15 MPH

Ordered from fastest to slowest.
Scooter Price 0-15 MPH (Seconds)
Wolf King GT $3,595 1.7 s
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 1.8 s
Mantis King GT $2,495 1.9 s
Apollo Phantom $1,899 2.5 s
EMOVE Cruiser $1,499 3.4 s
Apollo Air 2022 $999 5.7 s
Turboant V8 $800 6.3 s
Turboant X7 Max $600 6.9 s
Turboant M10 $450 7.6 s

Our Top Picks by Maximum Range (Riding at Slowest Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.
Scooter Price Max Range
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 90 miles
Wolf King GT $3,595 70 miles
EMOVE Cruiser $1,499 62 miles
Mantis King GT $2,495 56 miles
Turboant V8 $800 50 miles
Apollo Phantom $1,899 40 miles
Turboant X7 Max $600 32 miles
Apollo Air 2022 $999 31 miles
Turboant M10 $450 18 miles

Our Top Picks by Realistic Range (Riding at Top Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.
Scooter Price Max Range
Wolf King GT $3,595 55 miles
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 50 miles
EMOVE Cruiser $1,499 45 miles
Mantis King GT $2,495 38 miles
Turboant V8 $800 25 miles
Apollo Phantom $1,899 25 miles
Apollo Air 2022 $999 23 miles
Turboant X7 Max $600 18 miles
Turboant M10 $450 11 miles

Our Top Picks by Braking Performance

Ordered from shortest to longest stopping distance.
Scooter Price Braking From 15 MPH
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 1.8 meters
Mantis King GT $2,495 2.9 meters
Wolf King GT $3,595 3.0 meters
Turboant X7 Max $600 3.0 meters
EMOVE Cruiser $1,499 3.4 meters
Apollo Air 2022 $999 3.4 meters
Apollo Phantom $1,899 3.4 meters
Turboant V8 $800 4.7 meters
Turboant M10 $450 4.9 meters

Waterproof Electric Scooters by Type


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Heavy Adults:


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Optional Seat Attachment:

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IP Ratings: Explained

Based on our independent research of over 140 electric scooters, 74% of models are equipped with water resistance ratings. (This figure is up from 71% at the beginning of 2022, and 40% in 2021). However, it’s important to note that these ratings vary in the level of protection that they provide.

Plus, before we go any further, we need to explain that while some scooters are water-resistant, no model is entirely waterproof. Riding in water-logged conditions is always a risk: not just to your scooter, but to your safety. Any environmental damage to your scooter will void your warranty – meaning you’ll have to put your hand in your pocket for repair or placement.

So, to avoid any unwanted damage, you need to ensure that your scooter comes with the proper certification.

We’re talking, of course, about IP ratings.

IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’ – that is, the protection of an electrical enclosure from the ingress of ‘foreign bodies’ – be that dirt, dust, salt, or (of course) rain. IP ratings are international standards and are common wherever electrical components can be found.

All IP ratings start with ‘IP’ (if they’re legitimate, that is), and are followed by two digits.

How the Coding Works:

First Digit (Intrusion Protection)

The first digit refers to the scooter’s level of intrusion protection. Here’s what each digit means:

LevelSymbolProtected Against
0 (or X)Intrusion Protection 0No Protection
1Intrusion Protection 1Objects greater than 50 mm
2Intrusion Protection 2Objects greater than 12.5 mm
3Intrusion Protection 3Objects greater than 2.5 mm
4Intrusion Protection 4Objects greater than 1 mm
5Intrusion Protection 5Partial protection against dust
6Intrusion Protection 6Totally dust-tight

Second Digit (Moisture Protection)

The second digit refers to the scooter’s level of moisture protection. Here’s what they mean:

LevelSymbolProtected Against
0 (or X)Moisture Protection 0No Protection
1Moisture Protection 1Vertically falling water droplets
2Moisture Protection 2Water droplets when tilted at 15 degrees
3Moisture Protection 3Spraying water up to 60 degrees from vertical
4Moisture Protection 4Water splashes from all directions
5Moisture Protection 5Low-pressure jets (6.3 mm nozzle) of directed water from any angle
6Moisture Protection 6High-pressure jets (12.5 mm nozzle) of directed water from any angle
7Moisture Protection 7Submersion for a depth of up to 1 meter
8Moisture Protection 8Extended submersion for depth of 1 meter or more

Summary and Examples

In summary, the ‘I’ is for the solids and the ‘P’ for the liquids. So here, it’s naturally the second letter that we’re most interested in.

Now we’ve unpacked the ratings, here are the IP ratings you’re most likely to see on electric scooters – and what they denote.

IP RatingsProtected Against
IPX4Protected against water splashing from any direction
IPX5Protected against low-pressure water jets from any direction
IPX6Protected against high-pressure water jets from any direction
IP54Partially protected against dust and protected from water spray from any direction
IP55Partially protected against dust and protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction
IP56Partially protected against dust and protected from high-pressure water jets from any direction
IP67Totally dust tight and protected from submersion for a depth of up to 1 meter

For more information about IP ratings, check out CWP Group's excellent article.


What is the Best Waterproof Electric Scooter?

The best electric scooters for riding in the rain, ordered by price, are as follows:

Are All Electric Scooters Waterproof?

No – in fact, none of them are. That’s because waterproofing is different from water resistance.

Based on our independent research of over 140 electric scooters, 74% of models are equipped with water resistance ratings. This figure is up from 71% at the beginning of 2022, and 40% in 2021.

Many are water-resistant and to varying degrees. If a scooter is water-resistant, it will have an IP rating – a widely accepted credential for assessing the protection of electronic components from water and dirt ingress.

Find out more about IP ratings here.

Can You Ride an Electric Scooter in the Rain?

Providing it has an appropriate IP rating, you can ride an electric scooter in the rain. However, we don’t recommend doing so. Any water damage to your scooter will void its warranty, meaning you won’t be able to claim a rebate on any repair or replacement.

How Do I Make My Electric Scooter Waterproof?

It’s not possible – no electric scooter is waterproof. The best way to protect your electric scooter from water damage is to keep it inside when it’s wet out and ride it only in dry conditions.

Can I Leave My Electric Scooter Outside?

Leaving your electric scooter outside isn’t recommended. Store your scooter in a cool, dry place indoors to safeguard it from damage and maximize its lifespan.

Can You Wash an Electric Scooter?

If an electric scooter has a water resistance rating of IPX4 or above, then it can withstand water splashes and can, therefore, be washed.

We advise taking a cautious approach to cleaning electric scooters. To be careful, wipe down your scooter with a damp cloth or brush laced with a cleaning solution. If you can elevate your scooter, then spin the wheels and brush/wipe them down as they turn to remove any dirt that’s built up inside the tire treads.

Once you have cleaned your scooter, dab it with a towel to remove excess water and leave it to dry.

Can You Ride an Electric Scooter in the Winter?

Most electric scooters are designed so that you can ride them all year round. However, their exact suitability for wintery conditions – wind, rain, and snow – will depend on their level of water resistance and the operating temperature of the battery and motors.

Josh Frisby

Josh Frisby

Josh, Founder of Electric Scooter Insider. Over the last 4 years, I’ve tested countless scooters, amassed a database of 140+ models, and helped thousands of people find the right scooter. All of the scooters that I review are put through a rigorous review process so I can clearly distinguish where one is better or worse than another.


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