Best Electric Scooters With Lights: We Hand-Tested All 6

Based on our independent data, just 8% of electric scooters have sufficient lights.

This means that just a handful of models pass our strict criteria.

To help you pick the right electric scooter, we hand-tested and picked the top 6 electric scooters with lights.

Electric Scooter with Lights


Our top choices for riders that are on a budget and new to electric scooters. Although these don’t reach our minimum requirements for lumens, they are the best models with the brightest lights of their similarly-price competitors. Besides, you can always buy an additional headlight to bolster their effectiveness.

Under $600
Turboant X7 Max
Turboant X7 Max
Christmas Sale: $499.98 $599.98
Under $700
AnyHill UM-1
AnyHill UM-1
Christmas Sale: $499.00 $599.00 – Use Code: XMAS100


Our top choices for riders that want improved ride quality, better build quality, and brighter lights than budget models.

Under $1,500
Apollo City 2022
Apollo City 2022
Christmas Sale: $1,299.00 $1,499.00
Under $2,000
Apollo Phantom
Apollo Phantom
Christmas Sale: $1,899.00 $2,299.00


Our top choices for riders that want to experience power, range, the highest level of performance, and the brightest lights.

Under $3,000
Wolf Warrior X GT
Wolf Warrior X GT
Christmas Sale: $2,245.00 $2,795.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER
Under $4,000
Wolf King GT
Wolf King GT
Christmas Sale: $3,145.00 $3,795.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER

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For riders want that the highest level of performance and brightest lights.

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Budget Electric Scooters With Lights

Under $600:

Turboant X7 Max

Christmas Sale: Save $100 | Was: $599.98 | Now: $499.98

 at Turboant

Turboant X7 Max
Best Electric Scooter With Lights Under $600
Headlight Power:
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

Functional, portable, and commuter-friendly, the Turboant X7 Max is an extremely well-rounded electric scooter.

Updated from the popular Turboant X7 Pro, the Max comes with a larger frame, detachable battery (with lock), IPX4 water-resistance rating, and an all-new super-efficient folding mechanism.

Turboant X7 Max With Lights On at Night

There are plenty of things to love about this superb budget scooter, but none more so than its 300-lumen headlight and accompanying taillight. In a complete role reversal to the headlight – which has been seamlessly built into the fore of the handlebars – the taillight protrudes out of the fender. Yet, its prominent design is noticeable at night.

Turboant X7 Max Brake Light

While we recommend adding an extra light for riding at night, the X7 Max boasts the best lighting setup among scooters in its price class.

Why We Recommend It:

Available for just $599.98, the Turboant X7 Max is the most affordable scooter on our list. And, while that means its lighting setup can’t match the more advanced (and more expensive) scooters on this list – it’s the only scooter we recommend for those on a tight budget.

Josh With Turboant X7 Max

Home to a plethora of upgrades, the X7 Max is a newly released version of Turboant’s most popular electric scooter, the X7 Pro. Both scooters share the same set of core features, but the X7 Max delivers even more value for money. The handlebars are taller making them better suited to a wider range of riders. The interface has been refreshed to make the digits brighter, larger, and easier to read. The updated drivetrain hardware and software result in a faster acceleration rate and longer range. The newly calibrated brake pads significantly improve braking performance. And – the cherry on top of the cake – the sleek, flowing design of the tapered deck and frame affords this scooter with an aesthetic that far surpasses that of its competitors.

Turboant X7 Max Sleek Chassis

Moving our attention to its performance, the X7 Max can hit speeds of up to 20 mph, accelerates smoothly, and can tackle gradual inclines comfortably. A cruise control feature keeps things easy on your thumb, while a trio of riding modes allows less experienced riders to cap their speed, and conserve the scooter’s battery while they’re at it.

Turboant X7 Max Thumb Throttle

Where the X7 Max excels, though, is in its range. With up to 32 miles off a single charge in its locker, it punches well above its weight – going toe to toe with scooters far above its weight and price classes. What’s more, its rapid charging time – anywhere between 4 and 6 hours – means you won’t be waiting an eternity for your scooter to be ready to ride again.

Turboant X7 Max With Lights On

But one of the X7 Max’s finest flourishes – where features meet functionality – is its detachable battery pack. This feature, seldom seen on similar scooters, allows you to decouple the battery from the frame – making it simpler and more convenient to charge. It’s also lockable to provide an extra level of security and prevent thieves from running off with it.

Turboant X7 Max Battery Being Removed

Having a detachable battery means that, should you buy an extra unit, you can take it with you and sub it in mid-ride. Theoretically, you can double – or even triple, perhaps quadruple – your range. You’re limited only by what you can cram into a backpack.

Despite the absence of a conventional shock absorption setup (such as springs and swingarms), the X7 Max is still a thoroughly comfortable and enjoyable ride. Its two tires are pneumatic – meaning they’re full of air, rather than a solid foam or rubber (as so many of its rivals’ tires are). This air serves to soak up the road’s imperfections, while the large 10-inch profile provides a wide contact patch with the ground, offering a smooth, stable ride in all urban environments.

Turboant X7 Max Tire Tread

With a 3W LED headlight illuminating the path ahead, the X7 Max’s night-riding credentials are passable for well-lit areas. Sadly, it doesn’t boast much in the way of additional swag lighting – you won’t see any dynamic, deck-embedded ambient strip LEDs – but there is a responsive taillight that protrudes from the rear fender. There are also reflective decals that go some way toward making you more visible to traffic.

Turboant X7 Max Headlight Beam

With a host of features, it’s easy to overlook build quality but the X7 Max has been designed to withstand wear and tear, as well as less optimal conditions. Its IPX4 water-resistance rating safeguards it from splashes, while the stippled silicone surface of its deck helps with grip in wet weather.

Turboant X7 Max Tapered Deck

Make no mistake – the X7 Max may be durable but it’s also beautiful, as well as practical. Even without fancy, eye-catching swag lights, its all-black aesthetic, and red highlights have undeniable pulling power.

While more experienced riders will require a scooter with more oomph, first-time riders and commuters will find plenty to love about this scooter.

Turboant X7 Max Lights From Rear

Boasting a slick folding mechanism and barely tipping the scales at 34 lbs, the X7 Max is both light and portable. Moreover, its dual braking system – including a hand-operated rear disc brake, and electronic brake – means it never loses sight of safety. Add in that handy downward-facing headlight, and the Turboant X7 Max is our top pick for safety-oriented riders on a budget.

Turboant X7 Max Folded

Further Information:

Turboant X7 Max Review

Under $700:

AnyHill UM-1

Christmas Sale: Save $100 | Was: $599 | Now: $499 (Use code: XMAS100)

 at AnyHill

AnyHill UM-1
Best Electric Scooter With Lights Under $700
Light Setup:
Headlight Power:
The Good:
The Bad:

Dependable, durable, and deliciously affordable, the AnyHill UM-1 is another superb budget option for riders looking to take to the streets after sunset.

Pairing a centered, K-MARK approved headlight with a reliable taillight, the AnyHill UM-1 ensures you’ll be able to see the way ahead and be seen by other road users.

Josh on AnyHill UM-1

Why We Recommend It:

For a scooter available for such a bargain price, the AnyHill UM-1 has an impressive lighting setup. Its K-MARK headlight (a device cribbed straight from the bicycle industry) gets its name from the Road Traffic Licensing Regulation.

AnyHill UM-1 Headlight

This light has gone through a range of rigorous tests to ensure it doesn’t cause glare for road users coming the other way – so it comes with plenty of pedigree.

AnyHill UM-1 Headlight in Urban Areas

But of course, the UM-1 wouldn’t be here if it didn’t have a whole lot of other exciting features to back it up.

Among its excellent value-adds is its IP54 water-resistance rating, making the scooter splash-proof. The UM-1 also pairs with a mobile app, offering insights into your battery level, speed, and the status of your lights (on/off). The scooter even has a digital lock, which – although it prevents thieves from rolling it away – won’t stop any rogues from simply picking it up and walking off.

AnyHill UM-1 Durable Build

Turning our attention to the UM-1’s specs, its 16 mph top speed is finely tuned for busy urban environments. In comparison with the other scooters in the UM-1’s price and weight classes, it is a little slow in the speed stakes. Its acceleration rate, however, isn’t too bad – the UM-1 can go 0-15 mph in just 6.8 seconds.

AnyHill UM-1 Front Motor

Vehement velocity isn’t what this scooter was designed for – instead, it was made to be a reliable, easy-going ride. It’s an entry-level scooter that’s as friendly on the wallet as it is for the commuters and recreational riders that lay their hands on it.

AnyHill UM-1 Folded

Take its folding capability, for instance. The AnyHill UM-1’s one-click mechanism is one of the best we’ve tested, and – when folded – the frame stays that way via a savvy hook and latch combo. This makes the UM-1 easy to pick up and carry, while its slim stem and feather-like 29.7 lbs frame endear it to riders that want a small and portable electric scooter.

AnyHill UM-1 Handlebars Hooked into Fender

Range-wise, the AnyHill UM-1 tops out at 18.6 miles off a single charge. In comparison with scooters in its price and weight class, the UM-1 performs much better than it does on the metric of speed. Compared with the 19 most comparable models, the UM-1’s range places it in joint fifth position (for price) and joint third position (for weight). The process of charging the 36V 7.8Ah battery only takes around 4 to 5 hours, too – so you’ll be back out on the streets in no time.

AnyHill UM-1 Charging Port

It’s also worth noting that it is one of few budget models to have a high-quality LG battery.

While cheaper Chinese batteries are often chosen by manufacturers to bring the cost of a scooter down, they deteriorate quicker than their LG counterparts. Just as your phone battery decays the more you charge it, the cheaper cells used in scooter batteries do the same. So, with the UM-1 you’ll be getting more mileage over a longer period.

AnyHill UM-1 Entire Deck

The AnyHill UM-1 also ticks the boxes of comfort and safety.

Like the Turboant X7 Max, the UM-1 compensates for its dearth of traditional suspension with a couple of 8.5-inch air-filled tires.

AnyHill UM-1 Pneumatic Tire

The UM-1’s braking performance is, without question, the best we’ve ever recorded on a budget scooter. Yep – with a rear disc brake backing up a front e-brake, the UM-1 will bring you to a stop in a staggeringly short 2.2 meters from 15 mph. This blows any form of competition out of the water – whether it’s a fellow budget scooter from Turboant or a high-performance model from Dualtron (widely accepted as the most powerful scooters on the market).

Front of AnyHill UM-1 Handlebars

Ultimately, the AnyHill UM-1 offers so much. With an industry-certified headlight, terrific taillight, and braking, portability, and range prowess, it’s not only one of the best budget scooters with lights – it’s one of the best budget scooters, period.

AnyHill UM-1 Headlight in Off-Road Areas

Further Information:

AnyHill UM-1 Review

Mid-Range Electric Scooters With Lights

Under $1,500:

Apollo City 2022

Christmas Sale: Save $200 | Was: $1,499 | Now: $1,299
Apollo City 2022
Best Electric Scooter With Lights Under $1,500
Light Setup:
Headlight Power:
The Good:
The Bad:

With a flowing design, folding frame, and an unrivaled feature-set, the Apollo City – reinvented for 2022 – is a beauty.

Sat just below the handlebars, its powerful headlight is seamlessly integrated into the stem – meaning visibility doesn’t come at the expense of aesthetics. On top of this, the responsive taillight lets traffic behind you know when you’re stopping, while its turn signals are a neat feature not often seen on scooters of its ilk.

Why We Recommend It:

When Apollo announced it was giving the City – one of its classic, most beloved flagship models – a refresh, we were initially cautious. It’s like when you hear that one of your favorite movies is set to be remade – you have mixed feelings.

Side of Apollo City 2022 Frame

Fortunately, our doubt was misplaced. The Apollo City 2022 improves on its forebear in just about every way imaginable: from its speed and suspension to its proprietary frame and self-healing tires. But there’s one enhancement we’re particularly interested in – the lights.

Apollo City 2022 Headlight at Night Off-Road Track

Boasting a strong headlight paired with a responsive rear taillight that blinks when you brake, the Apollo City 2022 is ideal for letting other road users know what you’re up to. And we haven’t even mentioned its turn signals yet – which are, hands down, the best we’ve ever tested.

Apollo City 2022 Turn Signal at Night

The turn signals sit flush with the back of the deck. They are arrow-shaped lights that wrap around the scooter’s posterior to offer maximum visibility from both the side and rear. What’s more, the LED display lets you know when the signals are on via flashing arrows, beeps while in use, and the turn signals auto-turn-off after ten seconds.

Close Up of Apollo City 2022 LED Display

So, a brilliant lighting setup? Check. But how do the rest of the City’s specs and features stack up?

In terms of the big ones – speed and range – the Apollo City 2022 is fairly middle of the road. Compared to the other models in its price and weight class, it’s neither the best nor the worst, but comfortably in the middle.

Apollo City 2022 Front Wheel

Don’t write the Apollo City 2022 off, because what ground it cedes to its competitors in specs, it makes up for in the pure, unadulterated quality of its build. Forged from a robust, space-grade aluminum alloy, the frame has been coated in a generous slather of oil paint, making it resistant to corrosion and wear and tear. Water damage, too – an IP56 rating offers all the protection you’ll need from less optimal environmental conditions.

Apollo City 2022 Chassis with Turn Signal Off

While the City’s 57.8 lbs of poundage makes it beyond the upper weight limit of what we usually recommend for commuter scooters, it still packs plenty of portability. Beyond being quick and convenient, the one-click folding mechanism (easily among the best we’ve used) comes with an in-built safety button. This helps stop the latch from uncoupling on less even urban terrain and as a result, keeps the stem locked in an upright position while you ride.

Apollo City 2022 One-Click Folding Mechanism

Unsurprisingly, given the City’s pedigree, safety is paramount. The dual drum brakes supersede the drum and disc combo of the original Apollo City, while a regenerative brake adds a welcome dose of stopping power. All told, the braking setup will bring you to a safe stop in around 3.4 meters, while its spring and swingarm suspension setup ensures not only a well-balanced ride but a comfortable one, too.

Apollo City 2022 Right Handbrake

Adding to its already impressive suite of features is its beautifully curved, flowing frame that’s been made with the best expertise and the toughest materials the electric scooter industry has to offer. Plus, if you want more pace and power, you can pay an extra $200 to upgrade to the dual-motor version.

Apollo City 2022 Headlight at Night on Street

Further Information:

Apollo City 2022 Review

Under $2,000:

Apollo Phantom 52V

Christmas Sale: Save $400 | Was: $2,299 | Now: $1,899

BOGO DEAL: Apollo Phantom + FREE Apollo Air 2021 for $2,099 (Was: $2,998) – Save $899

BOGO DEAL: Apollo Phantom + FREE INOKIM Light 2 for $2,199 (Was: $3,198) – Save $999 with code: GIFTLIGHT

Apollo Phantom
Best Electric Scooter With Lights Under $2,000
Light Setup:
Headlight Power:
The Good:
The Bad:

Another Apollo model, the Phantom, benefits from all the build and ride quality features you’d expect from the Apollo brand. Which, of course, includes its headlight – a 1000-lumen beast capable of igniting even the darkest country roads.

Add turn signals, deck-embedded lights, and a responsive taillight into the mix, and the Phantom is one of the best-lit scooters money can buy.

Why We Recommend It:

When Apollo made the Phantom, they broke the mold.

Apollo Phantom Frame

Flaunting a proprietary design, quadruple suspension, and a next-gen display with 20 customizable settings, the Phantom is unique. And, with its classic pairing of steely silver and midnight black, it strikes the perfect balance between familiarity and freshness.

Apollo Phantom Frame From the Rear

Take its lighting setup, for instance. The Phantom’s front headlight – centered between the handlebars, with a high placement and downward-facing angle – performs very well. With 1000 lumens broadcasting a bright, blistering beacon ahead, the Phantom is primed for nighttime rides. Similarly, the rear light – which is located on the back of the kickplate – offers functionality over frills. The piercing red light flashes when you brake, leaving no room for other road users to question your intentions.

Apollo Phantom Headlight Turned On

Also worth a mention are the Phantom’s triangular front deck lights, and its turn signals at the rear. Yet, although the turn signals are a fantastic addition, we’d love them even more if they were fitted in the front and made an audible noise when engaged. This last feature is something we see on the latest version of the Apollo City – so we know it’s in Apollo’s wheelhouse. Here’s hoping it’s something we see on future iterations of the Phantom.

Apollo Phantom Headlight Projecting onto Wall

Even beyond the lighting, the proprietary design, and all those thrilling features, the Phantom offers plenty more to get excited about. With 38 mph of speed and up to 40 miles of range in its locker, it is no slouch when it comes to specs.

Apollo Phantom Scooter Controls

The Phantom also has its trailblazing suspension. It’s the only scooter on the market that’s equipped with a 45-degree, downward-angled quadruple spring suspension system. With dual springs sandwiching either tire, alongside the gorgeous gray swingarms, the Phantom strikes the perfect equilibrium of shock absorption.

Rear of Apollo Phantom

When we first went to test the Phantom’s brakes, we were expecting high quality – and we got it. What we weren’t expecting, however, was so much choice. The Phantom comes in a tantalizing triumvirate of variations, depending on the amount of power – and the types of brakes – you’re seeking.

Apollo Phantom Front Disc Brake

For the 52V version with mechanical brakes, it’ll cost you $1,899 (the variant we’re reviewing here). Upgrading to hydraulic brakes – which we recommend – costs another $200, while the Apollo Phantom 60V (also with hydraulic brakes) will set you back $2,499.

Apollo Phantom Handbrake

Unlike the scooters we’ve looked at so far in this list, the Phantom doesn’t get a passing grade for portability. At 77 lbs, it’s close to double the maximum weight we recommend for commuter scooters. Despite this, it does fold at the stem via an easy-to-use, yet secure mechanism, so it isn’t difficult to stow away in the closet or fit comfortably into the trunk of your car when vacation time rolls around.

Rear View of Apollo Phantom Folded

Its lack of commuter-friendliness doesn’t bother us too much, though. The Phantom hasn’t been designed for entry-level riders – and it would be wasted on limited Monday to Friday usage. This scooter is ideal for more experienced riders looking for fun. Of course, the Phantom has a superb lighting setup, too – so it’s also perfect for those looking to ride well into the night.

Josh with the Apollo Phantom

Further Information:

Apollo Phantom Review

Premium Electric Scooters With Lights

Under $3,000:

Wolf Warrior X GT

Christmas Sale: Save $550 | Was: $2,795 | Now: $2,245 (Use code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
Wolf Warrior X GT
Best Electric Scooter With Lights Under $3,000
Light Setup:
Headlight Power:
The Good:
The Bad:

The Wolf Warrior X GT retains the look, feel, power, and build quality of its predecessor – the Wolf Warrior X Pro – but it goes the extra mile to deliver a suite of premium features that ensure a more refined riding experience.

Wolf Warrior X GT Lights Illuminating Road

Mounted halfway up the GT’s dual piston-like stem, are the iconic, instantly recognizable, owl-eye-like headlights. These lights are placed perfectly for cutting through the thick darkness of night-time rides – particularly if they’re taking place on country lanes where there’s less ambient light to assist you.

Wolf Warrior X GT Headlight On Forest Track

At the opposite end of the scooter, the taillight flashes with the brake, while bright turn signals and customizable RGB deck LEDs complete the exemplary lighting package.

Wolf Warrior X GT Turn Signal

Why We Recommend It:

With a deft blend of swag lighting and that of the purely functional kind, the LED setup wins a lot of hearts – including ours. Plus, the customizable RGBs – that line either side of the deck – can be controlled via a mobile app. From the app, you can change the patterns and colors, and even control the speed at which they shift and shimmer.

Wolf Warrior X GT Mobile App to Change LED Color

Building on the light show, the turn signals are controlled by a pair of tactile, cockpit-located buttons. The turn signals also double up as hazard lights – so you can flick them on to alert traffic to your plight in an emergency.

Wolf Warrior X GT Button Pad With Lights

In fact, the lighting package is one of the design blueprints that was carried over from its predecessor, the Wolf Warrior X Po. While both scooters bear a striking similarity to each other, the GT delivers a welcome host of upgrades.

Josh on Wolf Warrior X GT

First on the list is the large 4.2-inch TFT display that replaces the original’s EY3 MiniMotors display. This gives you additional customization options, as well as a wealth of in-depth riding data. But the best part? It allows you to regulate the power of the ferocious 1100W motors via 6 riding modes (Eco, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). Even better, you can choose to engage either one – or just both – of the motors. By controlling and capping the torque available, you can ease into the ride. This helps to build confidence by progressing through the speeds at your own pace.

Wolf Warrior X GT Display

Secondly, the GT introduces a slightly longer deck for more foot room, making it better suited to bigger riders.

Close Up of Wolf Warrior X GT Deck

Thirdly, new M16 3-Pin charge ports replace GX16 3-Pin ports. The latter are notorious for arcing, which can result in charge ports becoming damaged. Thankfully this has been rectified with the new ports where molded plastic has been used to isolate the pins and prevent arcing.

Wolf Warrior X GT Charge Ports

And finally, the most significant upgrade of all is the powerful 27A Sine Wave controllers. Thanks to these bad boys, the GT benefits from a faster acceleration rate and a buttery smooth throttle response that is worlds beyond what its predecessor’s Square Wave controllers could achieve.

Wolf Warrior X GT Rear Motor and Tire

Taking all of these improvements and combining them with the GT’s asphalt-burning performance paves the way for this scooter’s ability to captivate the minds of those riders that want an injection of fun in their lives.

With a top speed that can reach up to 43 mph, and a large 60V 28Ah LG battery that keeps the wheels rolling for 50 miles, the X GT sits firmly alongside some of the best (and fastest) performance scooters on the market. So how does it fare when we consider ride quality?

Wolf Warrior X GT Frame

As well as all the design fundamentals that you’d expect a scooter of this quality to have – including strong hydraulic disc brakes, front hydraulic and rear spring suspension, and terrain-agnostic tires – the X GT comes well equipped for whatever you throw its way.

Wolf Warrior X GT Hydraulic Disc Brake

Not only are its frame and wide-spanning handlebars well suited to tall, short, heavy, and light riders alike, but the dual stem delivers a level of riding confidence that you can’t get on single stem models. Because electric scooters inherently have small wheels, riding them at top speeds can, at times, feel a little squirrely – especially if you're a beginner. This feeling – which can be unnerving – is eradicated by the dual stem. Add in the ergonomic handgrips and deck that both offer plenty of traction, and you’re left with a scooter that is as perfectly primed for night rides through the city as it is along dirt tracks.

Wolf Warrior X GT Super Bright Lights

Further Information:

Wolf Warrior X GT Review

Under $3,500:

Wolf King GT

Christmas Sale: Save $650 | Was: $3,795 | Now: $3,145 (Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
Wolf King GT
Best Electric Scooter With Lights Under $4,000
Light Setup:
Headlight Power:
The Good:
The Bad:

Holding court at the summit of our list of the best electric scooters with lights is a familiar face: the Wolf King GT.

It looks, sounds, and rides like a monster, but adds the Midas Touch with a superior TFT display, a well-calibrated thumb throttle, and extremely tall handlebars.

Wolf King GT Powerful Lights at Night

Importantly, though, the GT delivers extremely bright dual headlights that illuminate everything with equal distribution, a smoked taillight, button lights, deck strip LEDs, and turn signals.

Why We Recommend It:

The King GT’s headlights are the same you’ll see on its fellow models in the Wolf range, including the X GT. And, like the Wolf range, these lights offer extreme performance – lighting up the road ahead of you with a brightness usually associated with a car or motorcycle, rather than a scooter.

Wolf King GT With Lights On

On top of this, the GT flaunts a smoked, tinted taillight located on the rear fender, as well as turn signals that – when engaged – flash at the rear and on the side of the controller box. The GT’s button console also comes with light indicators, so you’ll always know whether they’re on or off.

Wolf King GT Turn Signals at Night

Like all the best electric scooters with lights, the LED setup constitutes a mix of substance and style – and the King GT’s dual strips of deck-flanking lights certainly satisfy the requirements of the latter. With more lights than a Christmas tree, the GT’s litany of LEDs means you won’t only be able to see in the dark – but be seen, too.

Wolf King GT Deck Lights

Plus, it’s worth noting that – because the deck lights are hooked up to the light button on the handlebars – the entire lighting configuration turns on at once. This isn’t just a beautiful effect, but a convenient one, and a welcome departure from previous Wolf models, where separate buttons controlled the headlight/taillight and the deck LEDs.

Wolf King GT Headlight, Turn Signal, and Horn Buttons

Beyond its exquisite array of lights, the Wolf King GT offers virtually unparalleled performance. Dual 2000W motors and 72V 50A Sine Wave controllers enable a top speed of 62 mph and a blistering acceleration rate (the fastest we’ve tested), while a 35Ah LG/Samsung battery facilitates a maximum of 70 miles worth of range.

Wolf King GT Rear Motor

At $3,595, the GT doesn’t come cheap. But with hydraulic shocks and rear dual spring suspension adding to the serious stopping power that its 160 mm hydraulic disc brakes provide, you get what you pay for.

Wolf King GT Front Wheel and Disc Brake

If you’re an experienced rider looking to take on the full gamut of conditions – from urban roads and dirt paths to forest trails and rocky, mountainous terrain – the King GT is for you. And, thanks to its wealth of high-quality lighting, your rides don’t have to be limited by the number of daylight hours, either.

Josh on the Wolf King GT

By Brightness

Our Top Picks by Headlight Brightness

Ordered from highest to lowest lumen count.

Lumens (lm) are the units of measurement that denote how bright a light is. The more lumens, the brighter the light.

Wolf King GT$3,5952000 lm
Wolf Warrior X GT$2,4952000 lm
Apollo Phantom$1,8991000 lm
Apollo City 2022$1,499500 lm
AnyHill UM-1$599400 lm
Turboant X7 Max$600300 lm

By Performance

Our Top Picks by Speed

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPriceTop Speed
Wolf King GT$3,59562 mph
Wolf Warrior X GT$2,49543 mph
Apollo Phantom$1,89938 mph
Apollo City 2022$1,49928 mph
Turboant X7 Max$60020 mph
AnyHill UM-1$59916 mph


Our Top Picks by Acceleration to 15 MPH

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPrice0-15 MPH (Seconds)
Wolf King GT$3,5951.7 s
Wolf Warrior X GT$2,4952.0 s
Apollo Phantom$1,8992.5 s
Apollo City 2022$1,4994.0 s
AnyHill UM-1$5996.8 s
Turboant X7 Max$6006.9 s


Our Top Picks by Maximum Range (Riding at Slowest Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPriceMax Range
Wolf King GT$3,59570 miles
Wolf Warrior X GT$2,49550 miles
Apollo Phantom$1,89940 miles
Turboant X7 Max$60032 miles
Apollo City 2022$1,49925 miles
AnyHill UM-1$59918.6 miles


Our Top Picks by Realistic Range (Riding at Top Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPriceRealistic Range
Wolf King GT$3,59555 miles
Wolf Warrior X GT$2,49538 miles
Apollo Phantom$1,89925 miles
Apollo City 2022$1,49925 miles
Turboant X7 Max$60018 miles
AnyHill UM-1$59913 miles


Our Top Picks by Braking Performance

Ordered from shortest to longest stopping distance.

ScooterPriceBraking From 15 MPH
AnyHill UM-1$5992.2 meters
Wolf King GT$3,5953.0 meters
Wolf Warrior X GT$2,4953.0 meters
Turboant X7 Max$6003.0 meters
Apollo Phantom$1,8993.4 meters
Apollo City 2022$1,4993.4 meters

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  • Budget: None
  • Mid-Range: Apollo Phantom – Quadruple springs and swingarms
  • Premium: Wolf King GT – Front hydraulic shocks, dual rear springs, and swingarms


Optional Seat Attachment:

  • Entry-Level: None
  • Intermediate: None
  • Expert: Wolf King GT – Available for $145

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How We Measure Light Brightness and What We Recommend

It’s important to note, that as per our recommendations for the best attachable headlights, lumens are the most accurate way to assess how effective any given light is.

Lumens (lm) are the units of measurement that denote how bright a light is. The more lumens, the brighter the light.

So, how many lumens does your electric scooter light need? Well, that depends on the visibility of the conditions you’ll be riding in. Our recommendations are as follows:

For street environments – whether they are well-lit or partly-lit – we recommend using a light with at least 800 lumens. Why? Well, this is the point at which you can begin to feel safe while riding since you can see the road and any obstacles ahead before it's too late.

For environments that are not lit, including streets, country roads, and forest tracks, we recommend using a light with at least 1000 lumens. In these circumstances, brighter is better, so if you can afford an electric scooter with a brighter light then we recommend doing so.

Lights that have a lumen level above 1000, give you a huge field of view and let you see potential obstacles – like gravel or potholes – far into the distance. Even if you are traveling at high speeds, these lights give you plenty of time to see anything that you’re coming up to.

Because a higher lumen count correlates with a higher scooter price, we advise you to choose from the electric scooters listed in our Mid-Range and Premium categories since these have strong lights.

However, we are aware that not everyone can afford these more expensive scooters and so, we have included a couple of budget options. Although the budget scooters don’t reach our minimum requirements for lumens, they are the best models with the brightest lights of their similarly-price competitors. Besides, you can always buy an additional headlight to bolster their effectiveness.

To further your understanding of what different lumen counts look like, see the graphic below:

Electric Scooter Light Lumen Comparison


What is the Best Electric Scooter with Lights?

The best electric scooters with lights, ordered by price, are as follows:

Do Electric Scooters Come With Lights?

Many scooters come with lights, but not all of them are effective. Based on our independent data, just 8% of electric scooters have sufficient lights.

While we consider them a must-have, many scooter designers and manufacturers still think of lights as a nice-to-have feature. This is why we created a guide to the best attachable USB headlights.

When choosing a scooter, make sure you read its product description thoroughly before purchasing to find out if it comes with lights. Check for the different types of lights, including headlights (front), taillights (rear), deck lights (along the underside, or at the front and rear of the deck), and turn signals (at the front, sides, and rear).

How Do I Turn My Electric Scooter Lights On?

Most lights on electric scooters can be turned on via the cockpit – either from the button console, or the scooter’s LED display. Some models (such as the AnyHill UM-1) come with a mobile app. You can check the status of your lights from here, and switch them on and off with a tap.

Other models – like many in the Wolf range – have buttons located under the deck, which control the deck lights. This is separate from the button in the cockpit that controls the headlights. If a scooter also has turn signals, these will typically be controlled via a separate set of console-located (and usually arrow-shaped) buttons.

Can You Put LED Lights on an Electric Scooter?

Absolutely. You can purchase additional lights and attach these to your electric scooter’s handlebars or near the top of the stem – you’ll just need to ensure there’s sufficient space.

If your scooter has tapered handlebars or an unconventional stem shape, it may be more difficult to add lights, depending on how they can be mounted.

To explore the best lights that can be mounted on all types of electric scooters, be sure to check out our guide to the best headlights – a good one will cost you around $60.

Can I Ride an Electric Scooter at Night?

Yes, so long as the lights are powerful enough to illuminate the path ahead.

Not all scooters come kitted out with lights, and – of the ones that do – only a few boast LED setups powerful enough for riding at night.

The key thing to be aware of here is lumens. Lumens (lm) are the units of measurement that denote how bright a light is. The more lumens, the brighter the light.

For street environments – whether they are well-lit or partly-lit – we recommend using a light with at least 800 lumens.

For environments that are not lit, including streets, country roads, and forest tracks, we recommend using a light with at least 1000 lumens.

You can learn more about lumens here.

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