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Basic principles AWStats

what is AWstats? | features | system requirements | summary of reports

  05:16 min   31.8 Mb

Interface AWstats

main menu | screen components | navigating | terminology

  07:56 min   48.5 Mb

Understanding Reports

report examples | report period | other preferences

  02:52 min   33.6 Mb

Reports by Time Period

stats by month | stats by date | stats by days of week | stats by hour

  04:19 min   49.2 Mb

Reports by Location or Type

country | hosts | robots/spiders

  05:06 min   57.2 Mb

Reports by Navigation Method

visits duration | file type | viewed | operating systems | browsers

  07:39 min   63.2 Mb

Reports by Referrers

referrers | origin | search method

  04:09 min   31.4 Mb

Other Reports

miscellaneous | HTTP status codes

  04:05 min   35.2 Mb

Understanding HTTP Codes

code classifications | informational codes | successful codes | redirectional codes | client error codes | server error codes

  04:28 min   26.8 Mb

More sources for help AWstats

This is a PDF, not a movie.

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This manual offers excellent and professional video tutorials, helping end-users to work with AWStats.

AWStats is a free web statistics program which produces a wide variety of reports by analyzing your website’s log files. You can use the reports to measure the performance of your website and easily determine which pages of your website are the most popular.
Examples of report statistics include visits, hits, usage by time period, most viewed pages, visitor origins, file types, operating systems, browsers and more.
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- Language of the Open Source software application: English